إلتواء المعدة في الكلاب
The Bloat in dogs is every dog owner’s nightmare. Every dog can get it but typical breeds affected are larger breeds with a deep chest such as Great Danes, Boxers, German Shepherds, Rottweilers, Dobermans, Saint Bernards, Mastiffs and Akitas. Yet it can happen to any dog. Around the world the […]

Raising awareness on The Bloat in dogs

Many dogs have serious issues of fear during storms and fireworks. Here in Egypt we are lucky with the storm part, yet very unlucky when it comes to fireworks.  You never know when, where and how long they happen. Not every dog suffers from anxiety and fear of fireworks; some develop […]

Dogs and Fireworks

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Whether you live in a house with a garden, spend your vacations in one or just have indoor plants in the apartment, it is very likely that you have at least one of the following poisonous plants to dogs commonly found in Egypt in reach. Not all dogs nibble or chew […]

Poisonous Plants to Dogs in Egypt

Let’s face it, by the time most of us wake up during the summer, have our breakfast and plan the day out with our dog, the sun might already be very strong. While we and our dogs enjoy the outdoors it is important to watch out for signs of a heatstroke. Avoid […]

Heatstroke in Dogs

Jellyfish sting dog
On many occasions,  jellyfish have been spotted in the water on the beaches of The North Coast, El Sahel. When a Mediterranean jellyfish stings you or your dog, although it’s mostly not hazardous, it gets pretty painful. Dogs are more protected through their coat than us, yet some body parts are still […]

Jellyfish Stings and Dogs

Not all vacation spots have vets or even nearby pharmacies. Therefore, we recommend always bringing along a small first aid kit when you’re on vacation with your dog.  We have combined a list of basic things to include in your first aid kit on your trip. Further down is an explanation of the need and […]

First Aid Kit of a Dog Parent

If you are traveling with your dog it is very important not to forget anything. The reason we go on holidays is to relax, have fun and forget the daily stressful and hectic life. For both your dog and you to enjoy a relaxing and fun trip, make sure to pack […]

Checklist for Traveling with a Dog

Homemade Dog Tag
Learn how to make a dog tag with very simple tools! Quick and easy, and will keep you from being worried in case you lost your pooch. This way people can reach you! Don’t forget to type your phone number, and the dog’s name. If you would like to report […]

How to make a dog tag?

Dog Missing
Every holiday season, dogs go missing in resorts. Such an incident can quickly turn your vacation into a nightmare. When travelling with your dog to a different environment, the dog might find the new surroundings very interesting and can easily wonder off if left unsupervised. Whether you travel to a […]

Holiday Danger – Dog goes missing

Dog swim
A common belief is, that all dogs can and will swim when in water. This is not the case, fact is swimming is not something every dog knows how to do. Some breeds are born swimmers, others can easily learn and then there are those you better keep safe ashore. Labrador […]

Can all Dogs swim?

نصائح عن لعب الكلاب على الشواطئ
Wagging tail, backseat covered and heading to the beach with your dog. Here are a few tips and what to watch out for when at the beach with your dog. Make sure to bring enough water with you for your dog and of course a bowl. Don’t forget his favorite […]

To the Beach with your Dog

Bathing your dog
Your dog’s skin is covered with a protective acidic layer. This layer serves as fortification against bacteria and viruses and keeps the skin hydrated. Removing this layer makes your pooch vulnerable to host microorganisms which can cause skin problems. Those skin problems can appear in the form of dry, itchy skin, […]

Bathing your Dog

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