electric fence for puppies and dogs
  If you happen to live in a house with a fenceless yard then this article is just for you. Many people have not yet heard about the electric fence used for dogs, yet it is very popular and debatable in other areas of the world. An electric fence is an […]

Electric fence for puppies and dogs

كيف نتعامل مع كلبٍ يزمجر
 Dog bite injuries by stray dogs or even domesticated ones, do occasionally happen. It is very common to spot stray dogs on almost every street you walk in. As loving as dogs can be, some stray dogs can be aggressive and may even try to chase you down. In rare […]

Dealing with dog bite injuries

how to deal with a blind dog
Seeing your furry friend sick saddens you as much as it would if one of your children got sick. But what if it is more than that? What if it is one of your dog’s main senses is diminishing?  It is a situation that no pet owner wants to be […]

How to deal with a blind dog

Dogs sometimes get rough while playing. It is our duty to know and read how our dogs are feeling, thus we need to differentiate between two dogs playing roughly pretend fight, and two dogs actually fighting. In this article we will tell how to differentiate between both and how to […]

How to break up a fight between two dogs

Admitting your dog to a boarding facility can sometimes be stressful for both the dog and the dog parent. We can be busy or need to take a vacation but cannot take our dogs along. It happens and there is no shame in that, but before we just send our […]

How to prepare before admitting your dog to a boarding ...

Microchipping your dog
Microchips have been there for a long time, but it is more evident that people and countries are paying attention to it more now. In some European countries, microchips in dogs is a must, and is passed on by the law. It is no surprise that we expect microchips to […]

Microchipping your dog

  Post traumatic stress disorder is a type of anxiety that is caused after some kind of accident or abuse. As it can happen to humans it can most certainly happen to dogs too. Car accidents, physical abuse, negative engagement with other dogs, or even natural disasters are all examples […]

Post traumatic stress disorder in dogs

We always want to keep our dog’s coat shiny and healthy. Regular grooming keeps your dog’s coat clean and healthy. A grooming professional is often very useful however grooming your dog at home has its benefits. Grooming your dog at home will not only keep it more comfortable for them, […]

7 steps for grooming your dog at home

مكونات عليك أن تتجنبها في مكافآت الكلاب 2
Why are healthy dog treat recipes so important? Really, there’s nothing better than knowing that you have provided the very best for your faithful furry friend. Before you can give your dog a treat, you have to know what ingredients to avoid. This list will help you to avoid potentially […]

Dog treat ingredients to avoid

إفهم مكونات أكل كلبك
You are what you eat, this also goes for your dog. Your dog’s general health and energy levels rely very much on what your dog eats. Yes a dog can eat lots of things to survive, yet a dog feeding to survive is different than that feeding a dog to […]

Know your dog’s food ingredients

Peppermint is very common in Egypt. You don’t even need a garden to grow it. Planted in small pots in a partially sunny place, you can easily have your fresh mint leaves all year around. So how is mint good for your dog? Peppermint can help with stomach problems. Peppermint […]

Is Peppermint good for Dogs?

Keep Dogs safe during this Heatwave
We have been hearing of dogs dying all over Egypt. And it’s not only the stray dogs that are dying, which would be understandable as they do not always have the option to find a cool place or even just some fresh water. But it is domesticated dogs that die on daily […]

Keep Dogs safe during this Heatwave

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