We already know how precious our dogs are and how similar they can be to babies. Believing that only humans can get allergies has been proven incorrect. Dogs can definitely be allergic too. Don’t get confused between being allergic and having a food intolerance. Being intolerant means that the body […]

Food allergies in dogs

dogs eat grass
 As dog parents there are so many behaviors that our dogs do and we don’t get. One of these behaviors is grass eating. Grass eating is a common problem that most dog parents face and don’t know what to do about when faced with. It was surveyed that 75% of […]

Why dogs eat grass sometimes

Food aggression
In a previous article we talked about the study that showed how dogs are pro-social beings and how they share and give without return. In this article we will shed more light on the dogs who don’t share, more specifically dogs who don’t share food and how we can improve […]

Food aggression in dogs

  As prices are going up, we try to find alternatives. Dog chews and treats are one example, and yes there are some recipes that are easy to make and are cheap. In this article we will introduce six recipes that are easy to make and your dog can really enjoy. […]

Easy homemade dog chews and treats

Homemade Dog Food
  We all want to do what is best for our doggies and the first thing that we think about is always what to feed them. We are caught in the dilemma of what to feed them, whether dry food, raw, fresh or mixed. Dry food is great, but is […]

3 homemade dog food recipes

Dogs, like humans, derive their behaviors by motivation. As a dog parent there are so many compulsive behaviors that might make you furious, but for sure, eating poop is always at the top of the list. There is a scientific term for dogs eating dog poop, and that’s coprophagia. Coprophagia is actually very […]

Why do dogs eat dog poop?

We all want our dogs to live as long as possible and in trying to do so we try to find the best way to feed our lovely dogs what would keep them healthy. The concept of raw feeding is very controversial and contains a lot of aspects that one […]

Raw diet (BARF), is it good or bad for dogs?

Growing old with our pups is one of the most beautiful things that can happen. Seeing them growing tall and getting into shape is just pure happiness. To us, dog parents, our dogs’ birthdays are just as special as any of our birthdays, and thus they need to be celebrated! But what […]

Recipes for dog birthday cake

How to care for a senior dog
We often want to learn everything about training our puppies when we first get them and are so keen that they stay playful while young. However we often neglect the part where they grow old and need our care. It is very important to know that dogs grow old just […]

How to care for a senior dog

Acid reflux in dogs
A dog can have heartburn or acid reflux just like a human. Here are some important questions and answers that would cover all you need to know about acid reflux in dogs.   What is acid reflux? Acid reflux is the uncontrolled reverse flow of gastric or intestinal fluid. This fluid travels […]

Acid reflux in dogs

Is fish healthy for dogs
It is no secret that cats love to have fish, but when it come to our doggies we pause and question. Most of the food are known to either be good or bad but when it comes to fish for dogs we are not sure. We know that fish has […]

Is fish healthy for dogs?

Learned by culture, we most often feel that the more we feed, the more we show care and love and we mostly apply the same to our dogs. This is a very common mistake that we all do. We often overfeed our dogs with so much more than they need, […]

The dangers of dog obesity

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