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Cherry eye
  What is cherry eye? Cherry Eye is a disorder common in dogs, also called the third eyelid, or eyelid protrusion. It is the weakening, stretching, or detachment of the anchoring tissue on the ocular gland. This gland is mostly responsible for the production of tears while the membrane protects the cornea. […]

How to deal with dog’s cherry eye

  Dog parents face the same misfortunes as parents with babies. At a young age puppies may knock out your favorite vase, instead of breaking the heel by walking into them, they might just eat away the shoes you love and they would eat anything that comes in their way […]

How to remove gum stuck on your dog’s fur

ماذا يعني لون براز كلبك
  You handle and scoop your dog’s poop several times a day, but have you ever stopped and thought about the color of your dog’s poop? If your answer is yes then congratulations we award you best dog parent but sadly most of us don’t! It is very important to […]

The color of your dog’s poop

detect dog fever
  A dog’s fever can often go unnoticed especially if you have no thermometer. If you attempt to measure the dog’s temperature by touching the ears or nose, the temperature you will get will most probably be biased. A dog’s temperature is usually higher than us humans. A body temperature above 39.7 […]

How to detect dog fever without a thermometer

Honey for dogs
Most human food can’t be digested properly by dogs and may as well be harmful but that’s not the case for honey. Honey has already been predigested by bees thus not harmful or heavy for dogs to eat. As honey is very beneficial for us humans, it is also very […]

Honey for dogs, is it good or bad?

Acid reflux in dogs
A dog can have heartburn or acid reflux just like a human. Here are some important questions and answers that would cover all you need to know about acid reflux in dogs.   What is acid reflux? Acid reflux is the uncontrolled reverse flow of gastric or intestinal fluid. This fluid travels […]

Acid reflux in dogs

What to do when your dog has diarrhea
The number one question you frequently ask to vets is what to do when your dog has diarrhea. We are not vets but we can help you learn a few things that would make diarrhea stop and tell you when you need to visit a vet. Diarrhea is not an illness […]

What to do when your dog has diarrhea

We always want to keep our dog’s coat shiny and healthy. Regular grooming keeps your dog’s coat clean and healthy. A grooming professional is often very useful however grooming your dog at home has its benefits. Grooming your dog at home will not only keep it more comfortable for them, […]

7 steps for grooming your dog at home

Why you should massage your dog
Massaging your dog is a great way to bond with your furry friend, and spot potential health problems, like tumors or sore spots, before they get out of hand. Massaging a dog is different from massaging a person; instead of doing a deep tissue massage to loosen muscles, the aim is […]

Why you should massage your dog

Are you always worried that your dog will swallow something that is indigestible? Is your dog always curious about eating anything in their way? Most dogs from time to time tend to eat something that they shouldn’t, and we all heard stories about dogs that were rushed to vets to get their […]

What to do if your dog ate plastic

How to clean your dog's ears
Although a dog’s ears need to be regularly monitored for his entire life, a little basic maintenance is generally all that’s required to keep them clean and healthy. Dogs with long, floppy ears are frequently the victims of ear infections. To avoid chronic ear infections, it’s best to make routine […]

How to clean your dog’s ears

Peppermint is very common in Egypt. You don’t even need a garden to grow it. Planted in small pots in a partially sunny place, you can easily have your fresh mint leaves all year around. So how is mint good for your dog? Peppermint can help with stomach problems. Peppermint […]

Is Peppermint good for Dogs?

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