Bathing your dog
Your dog’s skin is covered with a protective acidic layer. This layer serves as fortification against bacteria and viruses and keeps the skin hydrated. Removing this layer makes your pooch vulnerable to host microorganisms which can cause skin problems. Those skin problems can appear in the form of dry, itchy skin, […]

Bathing your Dog

تسريح شعر كلبك
Although dogs actually care about ‏their hygiene by licking themselves clean, yet it is important that we complement their hygiene process by brushing. It is a false belief that only long hair breeds require brushing. Brushing your dog hair helps distribute the natural oils, which helps to keep your dog’s […]

Brushing your dog’s hair, is it a must?

٤ إستخدامات للبابونج مع كلبك
Chamomile tea is one of the best natural remedies for your dog. It is an anti-inflammatory, anti-bacterial and supports the natural wound healing. Here are uses of chamomile tea for your dog. For an upset tummy It helps ease your pooch’s upset tummy whether caused by colic or gas. If […]

One herbal tea, many healing abilities

العنب ساماً للكلاب
Grapes have proven to be potentially fatal to most dogs. The reason is that they cause rapid renal failure (kidney failure). Dried grapes (raisins) are just as fatal as fresh ones. And no, it’s not the pesticides or the seeds. In grapes seeds have actually been proven to be safe […]

Are Grapes Toxic for Dogs?

Just like humans, dogs are born without teeth. Between the fifteenth and fiftieth day baby teeth start to break through. Twenty-eight little pointy baby teeth in total want to taste and nip everything. Those baby teeth later fall out between the fourth and the seventh month to be replaced by your dogs permanent […]

Puppy Teething and Nipping Phase

When you’re a new puppy owner, you fall in love with that little new furry friend of yours. You want to give them all the love and care they need, and can’t wait to take them out and show them off everywhere. But wait! How old is your puppy? Have […]

Puppies below 4 months of age

Tick Repellent Recipe
Having an adorable little best friend comes with a price. With great dog parents, come great responsibilities. Not only does the infestation of ticks cause us loads of panic, but also breaks our hearts to find our pups feeling restless and scratching like crazy! Here are simple homemade recipes you […]

Homemade Tick Repellent Recipes

Ticks and fleas are every dog parent’s nightmare.  However, there is no need to worry, as long as you are prepared, and have taken the necessary preventive actions to keep your dog and home protected from them.Here is a list of stuff to do. Protecting your home: Vacuum clean your home […]

Ticks and fleas. Preventive measures before *it hits the fan

Home Remedies
Like every loving dog parent, it really hurts when you see your pup feeling under the weather. Here are some tips and tricks for your dog to do at home when they’re not feeling well. Important note: When your dog is not feeling well, you should contact your vet. The tips […]

Simple home remedies for dogs

So you have a new little friend living with you and it could get overwhelming at times. With a dog in your home you are faced with many challenges when it comes to keeping a nice clean home, and using pet safe cleaning options. It’s a big deal, whether the […]

Why vinegar becomes your second best friend!

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