First time dog owner

why do dogs gets destructive
  Understanding your dog’s behavior is very important. As a dog parent you need to see every detail and monitor every change in your dog. The more you understand your dog and the more your dog understands you, the better and greater the bond between both of you. There comes […]

Why do dogs get destructive when left alone?

Why dogs bark at doorbells
  It is very common for dogs to bark when the doorbell rings. It is even more common that your dog barks even before it starts ringing. Dogs can often associate certain behaviors or reactions to familiar sounds, so it is very important that you watch how you react when […]

Why dogs bark at doorbells

dogs age
It is commonly known that dogs age at a very different rate than humans. It was previously known that dogs age at a rate of seven years higher than humans, so every human year is equivalent to seven dog years. This theory was derived from the statistic that humans live on average […]

Find out your dog’s age in human years

Homemade Dog Food
  We all want to do what is best for our doggies and the first thing that we think about is always what to feed them. We are caught in the dilemma of what to feed them, whether dry food, raw, fresh or mixed. Dry food is great, but is […]

3 homemade dog food recipes

  Dog parents face the same misfortunes as parents with babies. At a young age puppies may knock out your favorite vase, instead of breaking the heel by walking into them, they might just eat away the shoes you love and they would eat anything that comes in their way […]

How to remove gum stuck on your dog’s fur

Dogs, like humans, derive their behaviors by motivation. As a dog parent there are so many compulsive behaviors that might make you furious, but for sure, eating poop is always at the top of the list. There is a scientific term for dogs eating dog poop, and that’s coprophagia. Coprophagia is actually very […]

Why do dogs eat dog poop?

electric fence for puppies and dogs
  If you happen to live in a house with a fenceless yard then this article is just for you. Many people have not yet heard about the electric fence used for dogs, yet it is very popular and debatable in other areas of the world. An electric fence is an […]

Electric fence for puppies and dogs

Ways to bond with your dog
  Relationships don’t vary much in understanding and meaning. So whether you want to have a relationship with your kid, parent, friend or even pet it would require some effort. All relationships requires you to pay attention and exert effort in what makes the other person/ pet happy and in […]

7 ways to bond with your dog

Dealing with a deaf dog
  It is only natural that we humans depend on our voices to communicate. Of course, we use other senses like eye contact and hand gestures, so it’s no surprise that most of the time we assume the same for our dogs. Normal healthy dogs are OK with our verbal training […]

Dealing with a deaf dog

stray dog pack
Most dog owners become obsessed with dogs in general after sometime. I myself became too attached to my dogs and just love the idea of dogs, to the extent that I became in awe by just seeing a stray dog in the streets. If you are like me, the idea […]

How to handle an aggressive stray dog pack

The Cone
Most dogs after surgery are required to wear an Elizabethan collar, also known as the cone. You may have already visited a dog brace website if your dog injured their leg and required surgery, and the E-collar or Elizabethan cone is used to prevent dogs from licking and chewing their […]

When and how to use a dog cone

comforting your dog
 Some people are concerned that by comforting and petting their dogs when they are scared, they will encourage them to be more fearful. However this is not what we believe. Yes some people in the past claimed that this theory is true but according to new research done on the stress […]

Comforting your dog when they are scared

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