Dog water bowl
  One of the most common problems and tricks that dogs do is spill their water bowls by digging. My dogs sometimes do the same and I have always wondered why. Writing this article gave me insight on something that I personally deal with and know that most of you […]

Why dogs sometimes dig in their water bowls and spill

كيف نتعامل مع كلبٍ يزمجر
 Dog bite injuries by stray dogs or even domesticated ones, do occasionally happen. It is very common to spot stray dogs on almost every street you walk in. As loving as dogs can be, some stray dogs can be aggressive and may even try to chase you down. In rare […]

Dealing with dog bite injuries

stray dog pack
Most dog owners become obsessed with dogs in general after sometime. I myself became too attached to my dogs and just love the idea of dogs, to the extent that I became in awe by just seeing a stray dog in the streets. If you are like me, the idea […]

How to handle an aggressive stray dog pack

Image Credit: Aaron Jacobs, Loving Klaus
 Pets are known to be comforting all the time and especially when we feel down. More specifically dogs have shown how affectionate they can be towards their owners. Yes they are known to be loyal and genuine, but it doesn’t stop at that. Dogs have about 220 million scent receptors […]

How dogs can sniff diseases

When considering bringing a dog to your family you have to make sure that this dog is suitable for all family members, especially if you have children. Some people believe that dogs cannot be brought up with children while others feel that it is safe. We believe that there are […]

Breeds suitable for growing up with children

Why are dogs’ noses wet and cold
  Whether you are a dog parent or not, we are sure that you have at least once been greeted by a hug from a furry friend who stuck their face into you. To us ,dog parents, this is just too adorable. Moving on to the nose, you surely noticed that it was […]

Why are dogs’ noses wet and cold?

The Pit Bull
  The Pit bull, also known as the American pit bull terrier, is one of the so called bully breeds. The bully breed dogs include other dogs like the Great Dane, Boxer, Bulldog and Pugs. From its name, pit bulls were known to bait bulls back in the days. This […]

The Pit bull

Small dog breeds
People who like dogs but don’t have one, sometimes are not motivated to get one because they are large and would need a big space. In most cases that’s true, the more space you have the better for your dog. Dogs as we all know come in all sizes, shapes and color, […]

6 small dog breeds that won’t grow big

Great Dane
The Great Dane is a German breed also known as the German mastiff. The breed ranks as the 24th most famous breed to people. Great Danes are known for their enormous sizes and height, they weigh from 45 to 90 kilos and can stand at a height of 91 cm. […]

The Great Dane

How dogs help autistic children
Dogs have been known to help people of all ages and diseases, and it’s no surprise that people who suffer autism especially children do better while having a dog. What is autism? Autism is a developmental disorder that affects the development and function of the brain. People with autism tend […]

How dogs help autistic children

7 reasons why dating a dog parent is pawesome
It’s known that dogs are a man’s best friends. We learn so much from them that sometimes we gain qualities from being with them without knowing. When looking for life partners we always tend to search for some traits that stand out. If you are a dog parent you would definitely understand […]

7 reasons why dating a dog parent is pawesome

We all have noticed that there are some breeds commonly known to have their ears cropped, tails docked or both. But have you ever thought why people go for ear cropping and tail docking, and whether there is any benefit of doing so? Let’s first explain what they are and […]

The myth of ear cropping and tail docking

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