Canine Egypt Blacklisted
Canine Egypt training and boarding facility, has been removed from our directory. In April a video has been shown of the manager / trainer at Canine Egypt abusing a dog while training. Shortly afterwards, it has been proven no record was found at the university the trainer & manager claimed […]

Canine Egypt – BLACKLISTED

Dog Parents' Guide to El Gouna and Hurghada 1
There’s nothing better than an enjoyable vacation along the Red Sea. We want to make sure both you and your pooch have a stress-free and pawesome time when in El Gouna or Hurghada, so we prepared this guide for you to help make that possible. Here’s a Dog Parents’ Guide to […]

Dog Parents’ Guide to El Gouna and Hurghada

Dog Missing
Every holiday season, dogs go missing in resorts. Such an incident can quickly turn your vacation into a nightmare. When travelling with your dog to a different environment, the dog might find the new surroundings very interesting and can easily wonder off if left unsupervised. Whether you travel to a […]

Holiday Danger – Dog goes missing

Poison Alert Maadi 10.07.2015
We received a warning this morning on poisoned food bags in Maadi, Rd. 213, placed for stray animals. Please be careful while walking your dogs or walking with your children. For a quick first aid if your dog ingested poison, click here. (Do this until you reach your vet. It’s crucial […]

Poison Alert – Maadi 10.07.2015

The Dogs Network Summer Intern
Join the pack! The Dogs Network is hiring a summer intern, with the following skills: Excellent command of English and Arabic Social media marketing and networking Strong communication skills Objective driven Ability to commit Location: Fifth Settlement, Cairo Working hours: Flexible, yet a minimum of 30 hours per week is required […]

We’re hiring a Summer Intern

Aggressive Dog
When we come to think of it, all wild animals of all sizes and species are aggressive. They are aggressive when protecting their territory, themselves or their offspring. All beings that live in groups also use aggression to solve some of the social issues they face, including humans. That been […]

Dog Aggression

Teaching your dog basic commands is very easy to do. All you need to do is,  believe in your dog, have some patience and yummy treats. Always keep the training sessions happy and positive, never get annoyed and always keep a happy calm voice. Once you do so your dog […]

Teach your dog to sit

Below are some natural based homemade chemical free pesticide recipes, to use if your dog shares your lawn with you to avoid toxic chemical based ones. Read our article about pesticides and your dog.   Peppermint 3 tsp peppermint essential oil or infusion with peppermint leaves 1 Liter water Mix together and […]

Easy Homemade Chemical-free Pesticide

If you have a garden in which your dog spends a lot of time and plays, you might want to check with your gardener when and what type of pesticides he uses. Pesticides can be hazardous and even fatal to dogs. Chances are the gardener will tell you it is […]

Use of pesticides and your Dog

  We, dog parents are responsible for our dog’s behavior in public. It is our duty to make sure our dog behaves appropriately in different situations. Achieving that, requires some training and an existing bond between you and your dog. Walking your Dog When walking your dog put into consideration that […]

You and Your Dog in Public

Just like humans, dogs are born without teeth. Between the fifteenth and fiftieth day baby teeth start to break through. Twenty-eight little pointy baby teeth in total want to taste and nip everything. Those baby teeth later fall out between the fourth and the seventh month to be replaced by your dogs permanent […]

Puppy Teething and Nipping Phase

Love Your Dogs EN
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Love Your Dogs.. You owe it to them!

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