Dog Behavior

Teaching your dog basic commands is very easy to do. All you need to do is,  believe in your dog, have some patience and yummy treats. Always keep the training sessions happy and positive, never get annoyed and always keep a happy calm voice. Once you do so your dog […]

Teach your dog to sit

A socialized dog is a more relaxed, friendlier, smarter and less stressed dog. Socializing means that your dog learns dealing with people and other dogs. Your dog can then understand signals and messages conveyed through those dealings.  Dogs who socialized playfully with other dogs know how to defend themselves and […]

Why and how you should socialize your Dog

If I don’t like you so does my dog, is that true? Can dogs make social and emotional evaluations of people? If you had or have a dog, the following might not really surprise you, but it is surely interesting. A study by Kazuo Fujita, a Japanese scientist proves once […]

Interesting new study gives us one more reason to love ...

  We, dog parents are responsible for our dog’s behavior in public. It is our duty to make sure our dog behaves appropriately in different situations. Achieving that, requires some training and an existing bond between you and your dog. Walking your Dog When walking your dog put into consideration that […]

You and Your Dog in Public

Just like humans, dogs are born without teeth. Between the fifteenth and fiftieth day baby teeth start to break through. Twenty-eight little pointy baby teeth in total want to taste and nip everything. Those baby teeth later fall out between the fourth and the seventh month to be replaced by your dogs permanent […]

Puppy Teething and Nipping Phase

Begging Dogs
Begging Dogs You’re sitting at the table and your little furry friend is giving you the cutest puppy eyes watching every bite you take. You can’t resist and while you are still sitting at the table you give him just a tiny piece of that juicy piece of meat. It’s […]

Begging Dogs

Walking your dog is a good way of exercise for both of you. It drains their energy and helps you burn some extra calories and stay fit. In addition, walking your dog is a very good way of bonding with them. They look forward to that quality time you both […]

8 Simple Rules for walking your dog

As a dog owner it’s critical that from day one you show them who is boss. If you don’t work on this as early as you can, your dog is very prone to grow out of control. Being a good pack leader /parent, you should always be calm and consistent […]

Showing your dog who’s boss!

Between two to four months, a puppy’s instinct develops, telling them not to eliminate in their den. The place a puppy eats and sleeps then remains clean. A mother teaches the little puppy to do so. Just another reason to leave the puppy with the mother till minimum 3-4 months. […]

House-training your puppy

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