Dog parents face the same misfortunes as parents with babies. At a young age puppies may knock out your favorite vase, instead of breaking the heel by walking into them, they might just eat away the shoes you love and they would eat anything that comes in their way […]

How to remove gum stuck on your dog’s fur

إلتواء المعدة في الكلاب
How to raise a happy dog – Part 12: Grooming your puppy This is the 12th article of the series “How to raise a happy dog”. This series is brought to you by Jacket Rust     Baths Get your pup accustomed to getting a bath while he is still small enough to […]

Grooming your puppy

We always want to keep our dog’s coat shiny and healthy. Regular grooming keeps your dog’s coat clean and healthy. A grooming professional is often very useful however grooming your dog at home has its benefits. Grooming your dog at home will not only keep it more comfortable for them, […]

7 steps for grooming your dog at home

How to clean your dog's ears
Although a dog’s ears need to be regularly monitored for his entire life, a little basic maintenance is generally all that’s required to keep them clean and healthy. Dogs with long, floppy ears are frequently the victims of ear infections. To avoid chronic ear infections, it’s best to make routine […]

How to clean your dog’s ears

How often to clean Food and Water Bowls?
Your dog might be doing a great job keeping the food bowl looking clean, but looking clean by far doesn’t mean it actually is clean. Bacteria and mold even if not seen with our bare eyes are sitting on that unwashed bowl. An unwashed food bowl might be a huge […]

How often should you clean your dog’s bowls?

7 hot spots ticks hide
Summer is the dreaded season of a dog parent’s worst enemy: ticks! Check out the seven hot spots ticks hide on your dog’s body. To read about ticks and fleas infestation prevention, click here For chemical free homemade tick and flea repellents, click here Note: This graphic is open for reuse […]

7 Hot Spots Ticks Hide

As much as we love our dogs, we hate the hair that is just everywhere. On the floor, the carpets, the couch, the car and on our clothes.  After a while you start matching your clothes to the color of your dog’s hair. But, there are easier ways to remove […]

Easy Ways to remove Pet Hair

How to make dry shampoo
Learn how to make homemade dry shampoo with some very basic ingredients. You should never bathe puppies below four months of age, as they are very prone to diseases when their vaccinations are incomplete. It’s always recommended that you use dry shampoo. You can also use it on adult dogs […]

How to make dry shampoo?

Bathing your dog
Your dog’s skin is covered with a protective acidic layer. This layer serves as fortification against bacteria and viruses and keeps the skin hydrated. Removing this layer makes your pooch vulnerable to host microorganisms which can cause skin problems. Those skin problems can appear in the form of dry, itchy skin, […]

Bathing your Dog

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Although dogs actually care about ‏their hygiene by licking themselves clean, yet it is important that we complement their hygiene process by brushing. It is a false belief that only long hair breeds require brushing. Brushing your dog hair helps distribute the natural oils, which helps to keep your dog’s […]

Brushing your dog’s hair, is it a must?

Below are some natural based homemade chemical free pesticide recipes, to use if your dog shares your lawn with you to avoid toxic chemical based ones. Read our article about pesticides and your dog.   Peppermint 3 tsp peppermint essential oil or infusion with peppermint leaves 1 Liter water Mix together and […]

Easy Homemade Chemical-free Pesticide

If you have a garden in which your dog spends a lot of time and plays, you might want to check with your gardener when and what type of pesticides he uses. Pesticides can be hazardous and even fatal to dogs. Chances are the gardener will tell you it is […]

Use of pesticides and your Dog

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