Admitting your dog to a boarding facility can sometimes be stressful for both the dog and the dog parent. We can be busy or need to take a vacation but cannot take our dogs along. It happens and there is no shame in that, but before we just send our […]

How to prepare before admitting your dog to a boarding ...

Microchipping your dog
Microchips have been there for a long time, but it is more evident that people and countries are paying attention to it more now. In some European countries, microchips in dogs is a must, and is passed on by the law. It is no surprise that we expect microchips to […]

Microchipping your dog

We all want our dogs to live as long as possible and in trying to do so we try to find the best way to feed our lovely dogs what would keep them healthy. The concept of raw feeding is very controversial and contains a lot of aspects that one […]

Raw diet (BARF), is it good or bad for dogs?

When considering bringing a dog to your family you have to make sure that this dog is suitable for all family members, especially if you have children. Some people believe that dogs cannot be brought up with children while others feel that it is safe. We believe that there are […]

Breeds suitable for growing up with children

When to use a muzzle on your dog
  Let’s make it clear that public safety is just as important as ours and our dogs’. A dog who has a muzzle is more comfortable to be around if they are in an uncomfortable situation. A muzzle is not necessarily used for aggressive dogs only, but can be used […]

When to use a muzzle on your dog

Why are dogs’ noses wet and cold
  Whether you are a dog parent or not, we are sure that you have at least once been greeted by a hug from a furry friend who stuck their face into you. To us ,dog parents, this is just too adorable. Moving on to the nose, you surely noticed that it was […]

Why are dogs’ noses wet and cold?

Growing old with our pups is one of the most beautiful things that can happen. Seeing them growing tall and getting into shape is just pure happiness. To us, dog parents, our dogs’ birthdays are just as special as any of our birthdays, and thus they need to be celebrated! But what […]

Recipes for dog birthday cake

detect dog fever
  A dog’s fever can often go unnoticed especially if you have no thermometer. If you attempt to measure the dog’s temperature by touching the ears or nose, the temperature you will get will most probably be biased. A dog’s temperature is usually higher than us humans. A body temperature above 39.7 […]

How to detect dog fever without a thermometer

The Pit Bull
  The Pit bull, also known as the American pit bull terrier, is one of the so called bully breeds. The bully breed dogs include other dogs like the Great Dane, Boxer, Bulldog and Pugs. From its name, pit bulls were known to bait bulls back in the days. This […]

The Pit bull

how dogs mentor each other
  If you happen to have more than one dog, then you definitely encountered one dog teaching the other something, whether that thing is a bad or a good habit. There is no scientific evidence that proves that dogs mentor each other, thus, opinions may vary. What is social learning? Social […]

How dogs mentor each other

  Post traumatic stress disorder is a type of anxiety that is caused after some kind of accident or abuse. As it can happen to humans it can most certainly happen to dogs too. Car accidents, physical abuse, negative engagement with other dogs, or even natural disasters are all examples […]

Post traumatic stress disorder in dogs

تقديم كلب جديد لكلبك الحالي
  Having one dog can already be a challenge for some of us, now talk about having two! Having two dogs of course is a blast, but how can we make them get along? This article will help you out in 4 simple steps on how to introduce a new dog […]

How to introduce a new dog to your current one

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