Teach your dog to stay
1- Let your dog sit (to teach sit find instructions here). 2- Say ‘stay’ and move slowly backwards. 3- Keep your eyes on the dog and your hand in the stay gesture, as shown. 4- When you start, the smallest achievement should be praised, within seconds go to the dog […]

Teach your dog to STAY

Feeding Dog
1- How Much Should I Feed My Dog? The food package usually indicates how much you should feed your dog according to weight. Then decide to feed a bit more or less depending on your pooch’s energy levels and the exercise your dog gets. The package usually indicates quantities given […]

12 FAQ about Feeding your Dog

رائحة النفس الكريهة في الكلاب والعناية بالاسنان
According to studies in the field, you could add up to five years onto your dog’s life if you watch out for your pooch’s dental care. If you have a pooch with stinky bad breath, then this article is just right for you! Presence of bacteria and the toxins they […]

Bad Breath and Dental Care

When you’re a dog parent, you have tendencies to do or think the weirdest things. We get it, and dog parents actually feel for each other and understand one another. Here’s to all you amazing dog parents out there! Checkout the 15 things only dog parents do ! 1- You […]

15 things only dog parents do

إلتواء المعدة في الكلاب
The Bloat in dogs is every dog owner’s nightmare. Every dog can get it but typical breeds affected are larger breeds with a deep chest such as Great Danes, Boxers, German Shepherds, Rottweilers, Dobermans, Saint Bernards, Mastiffs and Akitas. Yet it can happen to any dog. Around the world the […]

Raising awareness on The Bloat in dogs

Many dogs have serious issues of fear during storms and fireworks. Here in Egypt we are lucky with the storm part, yet very unlucky when it comes to fireworks.  You never know when, where and how long they happen. Not every dog suffers from anxiety and fear of fireworks; some develop […]

Dogs and Fireworks

٩ طرق يحسن بها كلبك صحتك
Especially those of us living in big cities of Egypt already have to live with much noise, pollution and stress. Here’s how properly parenting a dog can help cope and even turn many of those negative effects around. Many studies have proven that dog parents live healthier and happier than non-dog […]

9 Ways Dogs improve your Health

As much as we love our dogs, we hate the hair that is just everywhere. On the floor, the carpets, the couch, the car and on our clothes.  After a while you start matching your clothes to the color of your dog’s hair. But, there are easier ways to remove […]

Easy Ways to remove Pet Hair

Directory Search by Area
Whether you live in a house with a garden, spend your vacations in one or just have indoor plants in the apartment, it is very likely that you have at least one of the following poisonous plants to dogs commonly found in Egypt in reach. Not all dogs nibble or chew […]

Poisonous Plants to Dogs in Egypt

Let’s face it, by the time most of us wake up during the summer, have our breakfast and plan the day out with our dog, the sun might already be very strong. While we and our dogs enjoy the outdoors it is important to watch out for signs of a heatstroke. Avoid […]

Heatstroke in Dogs

Jellyfish sting dog
On many occasions,  jellyfish have been spotted in the water on the beaches of The North Coast, El Sahel. When a Mediterranean jellyfish stings you or your dog, although it’s mostly not hazardous, it gets pretty painful. Dogs are more protected through their coat than us, yet some body parts are still […]

Jellyfish Stings and Dogs

Dog Parents' Guide to El Gouna and Hurghada 1
There’s nothing better than an enjoyable vacation along the Red Sea. We want to make sure both you and your pooch have a stress-free and pawesome time when in El Gouna or Hurghada, so we prepared this guide for you to help make that possible. Here’s a Dog Parents’ Guide to […]

Dog Parents’ Guide to El Gouna and Hurghada

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