‘Punishment is part of dog training’ is a statement you will never hear us say. We believe, this is an outdated false principle followed by some dog trainers, who are not necessarily up to date with their researches and methods. Many years ago trainers and training methods enforced punishment but […]

Punishment and Dog Training

How often to clean Food and Water Bowls?
Your dog might be doing a great job keeping the food bowl looking clean, but looking clean by far doesn’t mean it actually is clean. Bacteria and mold even if not seen with our bare eyes are sitting on that unwashed bowl. An unwashed food bowl might be a huge […]

How often should you clean your dog’s bowls?

Eggshells have proven to be a perfect source of Calcium and Protein for your dog. Shells of raw eggs should be boiled for a bit (5 min) to make sure that there is no risk of salmonella poisoning. That of course is not essential if the shell is from a […]

Eggshells and Dogs

هل يستخدم كلبك يده اليمنى أو اليسرى بشكل أساسي
In dogs the side preference is not distributed like in human beings. In human beings it seems that around 90% are right handed and only the remaining 10% are left handed. In dogs it is differently distributed around 60% right-handed to 40% left-handed … or shall we then say right-pawed […]

Is your dog right or left handed?

إفهم مكونات أكل كلبك
You are what you eat, this also goes for your dog. Your dog’s general health and energy levels rely very much on what your dog eats. Yes a dog can eat lots of things to survive, yet a dog feeding to survive is different than that feeding a dog to […]

Know your dog’s food ingredients

طرق يساعدك كلبك على إنقاص وزنك
So you have a cute little pooch! Congratulations on your great decision. Parenting a dog takes a lot of responsibility and commitment. So does setting a goal to lose some weight! Having a dog is no easy task. It involves loads of chores like training, cleaning up after them, keeping a […]

4 ways dogs help you lose weight

Peppermint is very common in Egypt. You don’t even need a garden to grow it. Planted in small pots in a partially sunny place, you can easily have your fresh mint leaves all year around. So how is mint good for your dog? Peppermint can help with stomach problems. Peppermint […]

Is Peppermint good for Dogs?

This is a list of 10 dog breeds found in Egypt and most suited for hot weather conditions. That of course does not mean that they can stay outside in our hot Egyptian summer sun without cooling down. Baladi They are one of the few breeds unchanged by human intervention. They […]

10 Hot Weather Dog Breeds

Keep Dogs safe during this Heatwave
We have been hearing of dogs dying all over Egypt. And it’s not only the stray dogs that are dying, which would be understandable as they do not always have the option to find a cool place or even just some fresh water. But it is domesticated dogs that die on daily […]

Keep Dogs safe during this Heatwave

Here are a few tips for when you visit me and my dog at home: I’d advise you not to come dressed in black or any darker color as a fact. And if you have something against pet hair in general, then I suggest one of those plastic one piece […]

When you visit Me and my Dog!

Canine Egypt Blacklisted
Canine Egypt training and boarding facility, has been removed from our directory. In April a video has been shown of the manager / trainer at Canine Egypt abusing a dog while training. Shortly afterwards, it has been proven no record was found at the university the trainer & manager claimed […]

Canine Egypt – BLACKLISTED

كيف تشرب الكلاب
We are pretty sure you have your dog’s water bowl on some sort of mat if in the house, that in particular if you have a larger breed dog. Ever wondered why there is water everywhere when a dog drinks? And how do dogs drink anyhow? So why are dogs […]

Ever wondered how Dogs drink?

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