Our Mission

What we do

The Dogs Network is the first and largest online hub for dog parents in the Middle East. We provide articles about dog care , animal mecy, and parenting, as well as videos for obedience training, dog breeds and DIYs. Although when we started off, our main focus was on dog parents in Egypt and the Middle East, we are proud to have quite a big audience in many other cities whether in Europe or the United States. We provide our content in English and Arabic, so that our readers can always find solutions and advice, no matter where they are! Our content is actually driven by the topics our readers’ requests, reviewed by specialized trainers, vets and behaviorists.


The Dogs Network’s mission

We guide, build and strength the dog owners community in the Middle East.  We help them get all information they need about dog parenting.

Our values

We spread awareness and provide information and assistance to dog parents.  The Dogs Network does not, and never will sell dogs, nor encourage uncertified breeding and puppy mills. We encourage adoption and exist for the love of dogs. “A dog is a lifetime commitment” is a strong message we always keep delivering.