About Us

We are two passionate dog owners living in Cairo, Egypt. Being a dog parent, especially in Egypt and busy Cairo made us realize how many difficulties it brings along. Would we have it any other way? No never, nothing beats our days together with our four legged friends, companions, partners and family members. Find out more about us below.

In 2014 we have first talked about how we would like to assist other dog owners with making this beautiful relationship more enjoyable. We both believed in providing our furry friends with high quality nutrition and natural solutions to solve problems accompanying being a dog parent. This made us think first about selling our homemade natural products. Later on this idea was replaced with The Dogs Network, as we believed the necessity and lack of such services is even more essential and useful for dog parents.

By the end of 2014, we both became fully dedicated to make The Dogs Network happen. We presented our idea to the Venture Lab at the American University of Cairo (AUC), out of 150 start-up ideas, The Dogs Network was proudly one of the 9 selected start-ups to join their start-ups program. And the journey began.

The Dogs Network today, is not only helping dog parents in Egypt. Our reader base has expanded to several countries in the Middle East, as well as USA and Europe. Although our booking services and service listings are mainly focused on Egypt, our educational content about dog care and dog parenting has received the attention of many dog owners worldwide. We are proud of this and happy with the expansion!

About the team



Sarah Zohdi, mother to Antar

Sarah, whose background lies more in the information technology field is the proud parent to Antar. Unfortunately Antar has been facing several medical issues and his parents have been to vets all around Cairo following tips from other dog owners trying to find the best medical care to help his condition. Sarah realized that she is surely not alone facing such a situation and having a community and a review based directory would be of great help.


Jasmin Hussein, mother to Arya 1904121_10153919888805553_1565776985_n

Jasmin’s background lies more in the field of public relations and marketing. Jasmin had quit her job and moved to Cairo in 2012. She finally had the time and space to share once more with a dog. A highly energetic Arya made her way into Jasmin’s heart. With separation anxiety and never ending energy and being new to Cairo, it was one of the hardest things to find places to go without having to leave Arya behind. After long searches, she found a small ‘park’ where a few dog owners meet in the area and there she met Sarah and Antar.

Farah Khaled, mother to Bahr & Dahab

Farah’s educational background is in the field of business and finance. She is in charge of our content and social media management, and she is the mother of 2 adorable dogs Bahr and Dahab. Farah rescued Bahr from the streets, and when she took him in, he was obviously abandoned by another family. He was skinny, and had skin problems. Now Bahr is living happily and well taken care of with Farah, Dahab and the rest of the family.