Submissive Urination in Dogs

Submissive Urination

 Submissive urination is an instinctive response to fear or anxiety. Some dogs outgrow the behaviour when they are older and others just don’t and need more help dealing with it. If you have been away for a while and then saw your dog, your dog greets you and immediately pees. Does this count as submissive urination? Not likely, this would be excitable urination which happens when your dog is overly excited. This mostly happens to young pups who eventually outgrow it.

Although the behaviour we are discussing in this article is called submissive behaviour, we have to be clear that is doesn’t imply that there is a dominance issue in the house. Before going deeper into the behaviour at hand let’s just distinguish between the situations that cause submissive urination and the situations that cause excitable urination.

Submissive Urination Causes:

Excitable Urination Causes:

  • Overly excited
  • Playing vigorously
  • Greeting a desirable person or dog
  • Engaging in a high energy activity

How to deal with submissive urination?

  1. Trying to know the reason behind the behaviour is the number one key to solving it.
  2. Never scold your dog for this.
  3. Ignore the behaviour and reward for peeing in the right place.
  4. Don’t rush things. If you are introducing your dog to something new make sure that you do it gradually.
  5. Take your dog out regularly to do his business. This will relieve some pressure on your dog’s bladder.
  6. Socialize your dog. Introduce your dog to new people, dogs, places, smells and sounds.

Submissive behaviour needs patience from you, the dog parent. Exhibiting frustration can only lead to worsening the situation.

Written by: Farah Khaled
Sources: , Petful , Cesar’s Way

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