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Vetwork started because the reputation of some vets has become questionable. Any vet can open a clinic whether they are good or not. Vet’s salaries are very low and thus need more support most of the time. Vetwork aims to motivate vets to be better and helps by providing a strong, certified network, where they can work without having a clinic.

They also see a gap where there aren’t vets available everywhere and they aim to make vets available for emergencies anywhere anytime.

They target pet parents who don’t want to go through the hassle of finding the nearest best doctor, dog parents whose dogs aren’t allowed in the car due to motion sickness, or who have puppies and are afraid that they would catch a virus.

All vets are rated after each visit and reviews are submitted by real clients and not Vetwork.

Need a vet home visit for your pooch? Download the app now

Need a free phone medical consultation: Call Vetwork on 010 0006 3926

Who is the team behind Vetwork?

  1. CEO: Dr. Fady Azzouny
  2. COO: Dr. Zeinab AlJazeery
  3. Chief Marketing Officer: Dr. Abdel Rehim Hussein
  4. Healthcare Director: Dr. Ahmed Abo El Enin
  5. Welfare Director: Kelly King
  6. Senior software Developer: Mark Morcous

How did they get together?

Fady, Zeinab and Abdel Rehim are old friends and they have worked on previous projects together. Dr. Ahmed Abo ElEnin is a fellow vet. They met Kelly King through Facebook where she had many positive reviews about her grooming work. They met with Kelly to introduce her to Vetwork and she liked the idea very much. She is now responsible for other welfare services besides grooming. Mark was referred to them by a friend and their technology mentor Kareem Azzouny.

How many vets are in the network?

260 vets applied but only 37 were accepted to join. That’s because they have a very aggressive certification process that the doctors have to go through to be accepted into the network.

What is the selection criteria?

1- For initial screening, vets applying go through an online interview, and send Vetwork team all the legal documentation like their National IDs and their Union IDs

2- Online test. It’s worth noting that roughly 10% of the vets applying pass this test. The test is designed to select the vets who will be able to diagnose and treat the pet in the best and fastest way possible.  In addition the applicant sends a video answering interview questions for Vetwork team to see how the vets talks, behaves and communicates.

3- Shortlisted vets are contacted for a face to face interview and a final medical test. The vets are asked to leave contacts of previous supervisors or partners that they worked with for references.

Are there plans to expand the number of Vets at Vetwork?

Yes. They currently have 37 doctors registered and are still accepting applicants anytime. It is a free of charge service for the vets who join. If you are a vet, and would like to join Vetwork, contact them now!

What happens if a vet has a patient at their clinic and received a home visit request at the same time?

The app has an accept or reject button that the vets can use. If they aren’t available they simply can reject the case and someone else will immediately take over. There is an acceptance rate and limit, where Vetwork monitors the number of acceptance and rejections made by the vet.

What is the age group of the vets?

Classes of 2012-2015. However this is not a criteria, any vet can apply.

Is Vetwork affiliated with labs to conduct blood tests?

Lab tests for pets are the same as humans. The difference is in the reading of the results and the levels of the samples tested. Vetwork is not affiliated with a specific lab, each doctor in the network chooses to work with the lab they prefer. Very few and unique tests are not carried in Egypt; however most tests can easily be done here.

Vetwork is still a work in progress and is working on adding many additional services. The services will include a certified lab, satellite clinics which will be small clinics found in most compounds, Vetwork patients will include more than just dogs and cats, and Vetwork Welfare centers for grooming and similar services. They also want to make a trusted Vetwork mark that can be given to places and people who have been certified by Vetwork.

What are the typical daily operations for the COO, Dr. Zeinab at Vetwork?

Following up with the doctors who need her, and helping clients with problems or minor emergencies that don’t require a vet visit. Yes, Vetwork provides medical consultations by phone, free of charge!

What is your promise as the COO to Vetwork’s clients?

To be available 24/7 and ensure that your pet’s health is a priority to be taken and handled at best.

How can people reach out to Vetwork? What are the available channels?

People can schedule a home visit by using the mobile app available on Google Play and App Store or through their Facebook page. However, all clients will be directed to use the app at a certain point to help set the location of the visit, rate the vet’s work, have a receipt and record. If someone has a problem downloading the app and using it, they can simply schedule a visit by phone, the vet then will guide the client on how to use the app later on, in addition to adding the current visit to the record.

Visit Vetwork’s website now to download the app through Google Play or App Store. Click here to download on your phone. Vetwork now provides home visits in Greater Cairo, Egypt.

How does Vetwork generate revenue?

A small commission of each vet’s visit.

Are most visits directed towards dogs or cats?


How does Vetwork handle surgical interventions?

Minor surgeries can take place at the patient’s home, other more serious surgeries are transferred to clinics approved by Vetwork after the pet parents’ approval. However Vetwork doesn’t take responsibility for any surgery done, they will only take responsibility when they launch their own clinics with their specific standards and requirements.

What are Vetwork’s current areas of coverage?

Greater Cairo. They are currently working to cover Alex, Hurghada, and Sharm.

How many people downloaded the application so far?

1000 people downloaded the app, and around 330 visits took place since September 2017.

How much are the home visit fees?

200 pounds for the medical checkup and additional fees for extra services or medication. Grooming charges depend on the size of the dog but vary between 300 and 500 pounds.

How do you manage the dogs when you start your grooming session?

Kelly King, being a professional, experienced groomer, starts talking to the parents first and then waits till the dog is comfortable before engaging. If the dog is nervous she doesn’t look them in the eyes, instead she kneels down and holds her hand out to reach out to them.

What are the grooming services offered?

Bathing, haircuts, nail trimming, brushing and ear cleaning. Takes from 2 to 3 hours on average.

Why did Kelly join Vetwork? And what makes it so special?

It was a good opportunity and a promising team. What makes Vetwork special is that it is innovative and new. Kelly states: “Good arena and branding for me. I like that it’s a group work, sometimes I go to a dog and see that something is wrong so I call a fellow vet they come and help”.

Does Kelly cover grooming and welfare services in only Cairo?

Kelly covers all Cairo and can go outside Cairo as long as the dog parents will cover her transportation. Kelly is currently working on training other groomers who will be part of her team.

Rescue cases?

Application users should use the “RezQ” promo code for rescued cases. The promo code gives you 100% discount rate. The only requirement is that the dog should be fostered by someone. Vetwork has a vision on giving back to the community by providing a shelter later as it develops.

Written by Farah Khaled

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