Why dogs drool

Why dogs drool

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Drooling is definitely not one of the many perks of having dogs, however as dog parents we just adopt and deal. What we believed to be disgusting is now just ordinary and cute because we know it’s just a sticky kiss. Drooling is normal when it comes to dogs. Yes, there are some dogs who are heavy droolers compared to others, but we just love them all the same. Drooling can also be a sign of disease, dental problem and even heat strokes. To make it simple we will explain the common reasons for drooling and tell you what is normal and is not.

Normal Causes for drooling

  1. Anticipation for food

Dogs love their food and treats more than anything in this world, just hold a piece of chicken and you will see a waterfall of drool. Read also about the human foods you can give your dog.

  1. Anxiety

Stress can cause dogs to pant and drool more than usual. Read about what to do when your dog is afraid.

  1. Excitement

When excited, dogs over drool. This can be excitement over a toy, food, a person or even for a walk.


  1. Facial structure

Some dog breeds, like the Saint Bernard and Great Dane, have their lips hanging open and this causes them to drool more than the average dog.


Serious causes of  drooling that require attention

  1. Foreign object

Drooling can be a sign that there is a foreign object stuck in your dog’s mouth. If an object is stuck, you need to try getting out of their throat with your finger, or rush to the vet immediately. If you dog has actually swalled a foreign object like plastic, find out what to do here.


  1. Dental problems

If your dog has a broken tooth or tarter on his teeth this may cause him to drool. Find out how to care for your dog’s dental hygiene.


  1. Heatstroke

This is one of the major issues in summer, heatstroke can cause your dog to pant and drool continously, so take care! Find out the signs of a heatstoke in dogs and what to do.


  1. Plant consumption

So many plants are poisonous to dogs. Thus if consumed by your dog it will cause him to drool. Check a list of poisonous plants to dogs, and what to do if your dog chews on them.


Drooling can be a normal thing for your dog, but again it may not. If your dog has never been the drooling type and suddenly started drooling then something is worth investigating.


Written by: Farah Khaled
Sources: Cesar’s Way , The Labrador Site , Healthy Pets

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