Why dogs love digging

 Why dogs love digging

Digging can be so much fun! It’s not hard to understand why dogs just love digging. To be honest not all dogs dig, but most of them do. Yes it can be frustrating if you’ve just renovated your backyard, but it’s always helpful to understand why dogs do certain behaviors.  Presented in the article are some reasons why your dog is digging.

1. Make their den comfortable

Dogs often dig to make their den more comfortable. Most of the times they do so to make it either cooler or warmer.


2.  They are bored or stressed

Dogs have too much energy that we often don’t use in the right way. Dogs need to be challenged both physically and mentally. This way they won’t have any excess energy to use on other things. Read more on why dogs get destructive when left alone.


3.  It’s FUN!

Some dogs simply like digging because it is fun.


4.   Bury valuable items

Items like bones, toys, or food are valuable to dogs. Sometimes they have the need to bury them so they can have access later.


5.    Separation anxiety

Dogs sometimes will dig to find their way to family members or to escape confined places. Read more on separation anxiety.


Just like children you take out on play dates, dogs too need to be let out to run and play. Remember that raising a dog is a responsibility that needs you to exert effort and time. Read more on the benefits of walking your dog everyday.

Written by Farah Khaled
Sources: Pets Web MD , Vet Street, Cesar’s Way

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