Why your dog is attacking you or your family members


Why your dog is attacking you or your family members

One of the worst traits a dog can obtain is aggression. Aggression can be the result of poor socialization, genetics or even hormones. Treating aggression is of course important, but what is more important is understanding the reason behind the aggression. The more you learn about the reason, the easier it is to fix to fix the problem. Remember that aggressive dogs can sometimes start attacking family members so always be careful. Statistics show that most family members who are attacked are either elderly or children. To avoid this problem read below reasons why your dog is attacking you or your family members.

  1. Predatory aggression

This is often associated with children, but excludes crawling infants, because they will usually target ones moving quickly or suddenly.


  1. Fear

This is directed towards anyone, and usually is caused by sudden actions like raising your hand or disturbing your dog while sleeping.


  1. Resource-guarding

One example is when your dog is growling at you for coming near his bone or chew. This can also happen when you come near their food in general. This case must be treated from a young age.


  1. Protective aggression

This the normal type of aggression and happens when the dog feels threatened in anyway. Read more on dog aggression.


Why might your dog develop any kind of aggression?

  1. Socialization

Yes, if a dog is not socialized properly at a young age, he might turn out to be aggressive towards people and other dogs. Read more on the importance of dog socialization.


  1. Hormones

A female dog nursing puppies can be one example, or a male marking their territory.


  1. Excessive punishment or excessive undeserved praise

Both can lead a dog to be aggressive and frustrated. Beware of being too hard on your dog, or spoiling. Read more on punishment vs. positive reinforcement in dog training.


Written by Farah Khaled
Sources: 2nd Chance , Pet Health

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