Why dogs shake their bodies when they are not wet

 Why dogs shake their bodies

Don’t you just love it when your dogs shake their bodies after that bath you just gave them? No? Really? Moving on to today’s article we will explain another behavior that your dog is showing and yet you may not understand. If you haven’t guessed already, we will be explaining the reasons why your dog is shaking their body even though they are not wet. To be honest this is barely a behavior, it is more of an automatic reaction that dogs sometimes do. The below reasons explain why dogs shake their bodies.

  1. Irritated skin

Dog’s don’t have the lengthy hands we have, so they can’t reach all the itchy spots they have. When they feel they want to scratch a place that they can’t reach, sometimes they shake their bodies in an attempt to relief the itchiness.


  1. Feeling cold

Yes, sometimes dogs shake their bodies similarly, like when we sometimes shiver when we are cold, to try to warm their bodies.


  1. Stressed or overwhelmed

When dogs feel stressed or overwhelmed they may shake their bodies to shake the stress out.


  1. Too much touching

Has it happened that after someone hugged your dog he starts shaking himself? Don’t worry he doesn’t hate them, he just doesn’t like excessive touching.  Same goes after you just cleaned his ears or brushed his hair.


  1. Ear infection

This applies mostly when your dog is shaking his head more than his body. Dogs with long ears are more prone to infections than others.


Written by Farah Khaled
Sources: BarkPostThe Nest , Cuteness.com

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