Why do dogs get destructive when left alone?

why do dogs gets destructive

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Understanding your dog’s behavior is very important. As a dog parent you need to see every detail and monitor every change in your dog. The more you understand your dog and the more your dog understands you, the better and greater the bond between both of you. There comes a time when our dogs behave in ways that we don’t understand and one example is how they are well behaved when we are around but once they are left alone they turn into tornado-like creatures. If your dog gets destructive when left alone, and you are not sure why, then this article is just for you.

When your dog gets destructive it is mainly one of the following four reasons.

  1. Boredom

Oh yes! Dogs and puppies can turn a little destructive when they are bored. You can’t blame them if you are not spending enough time with them or taking them out to exercise and play as you should. Read more on what to do if you have a day time job and have to leave your dog alone all day.

  1. Fear

If you happen to leave your dog and there were some frightening noises like rain, lightning or fireworks, this might trigger your dog to become destructive. Read more on dealing with dog’s fear of noises like fireworks.

  1. Separation anxiety

10% of all dogs and puppies turn to have some degree of separation anxiety. Separation anxiety happens when your dog is too attached to you and doesn’t know how to handle being alone. In this case some training and modification has to take place. Check out how to deal with your dog or puppy’s separation anxiety.

  1. Teething

A very disturbing and painful phase that you and your dog will go through is teething. In this phase your dog will want to chew, nip and just put his mouth on everything. If you are not firm enough from the beginning you might have a problem. Learn what to do in the puppy’s teething and nipping phase.


Remember that how a dog reacts or behaves is a consequence of your training. If you are not giving them enough time, exercise or challenges your dog might not end up being how you imagined.

Written by: Farah Khaled
Sources: Animal Humane Society , Pet MD


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