Why dogs bark at doorbells


Why dogs bark at doorbells

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It is very common for dogs to bark when the doorbell rings. It is even more common that your dog barks even before it starts ringing. Dogs can often associate certain behaviors or reactions to familiar sounds, so it is very important that you watch how you react when the doorbell rings and your dog starts to bark. In a previous article, we agreed that barking shouldn’t be annoying to any dog owner. Instead it should be viewed as a means for communication, thus when your dog barks at the sound of someone ringing the doorbell be sure you understand what your dog is trying to tell you.

To help you better understand your dog we will present a few reasons why your dog might be barking at the sound of the doorbell.

  1. Protection

It is obvious that your dog loves their home and parents, so the least they can do is warn them when they feel any danger. To your dog, a guest at the door is a predator threating your peace.


  1. Curiosity

Some dogs simply stop barking as soon as they see that you are on the way to answer the door, while others just keep barking. Those that keep barking are curious on what awaits on the other end of the door, especially if it is a guest petting your dog.


  1. Interruption

If your dog was in the middle of play, or was chasing a ball, a door bell is interrupting what your dog was doing. This is enough to let your dog bark as a form of speech.


  1. Greeting

If it happens more often that the guest on the door greets your dog with a treat or a pat, then this is what makes your dog jump. Your dog awaits to be rewarded when the door rings.


  1. Fear

Sometimes when the doorbell rings, it simply frightens your dog and so he barks calling for help.


Make sure that you understand why your dog is barking when the doorbell rings, and make sure that you correct his behavior. The best way to do so is by training your dog to sit and be quiet when the door rings. Read more on punishment vs. correction in dog training.


Written by: Farah Khaled
Sources: Cuteness.com , The Nest , Cesar’s Way

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