How to remove gum stuck on your dog’s fur

 How to remove gum stuck on your dog’s fur

Dog parents face the same misfortunes as parents with babies. At a young age puppies may knock out your favorite vase, instead of breaking the heel by walking into them, they might just eat away the shoes you love and they would eat anything that comes in their way just like babies do when they want to explore. If you think because your dog doesn’t chew gum then there will be no incidents then you are wrong. How does this happen? Well, that’s another mystery the universe trips you in. Don’t worry! Gum can be messy, but with a few household ingredients you will be able to clean that off your dog’s fur.

There are several things that you use to remove gum stuck on your dog’s fur, so you get to choose what is more suitable and available to you.

  1. Peanut butter

Yes, that’s right! Peanut butter. It doesn’t only serve as a delicious spread for your tummy and your dog’s tummy but it also can be a great way to remove gum. All you need to do is rub a generous amount of peanut butter on the area that contains the gum, leave it for about 5 minutes and gently pull away the gum. If there is still a little gum stuck just repeat the process.


  1. Cooking oil

We know that your dog is very cute and sweet, but we are sure that having gum stuck on his fur might drive you crazy! With your fingertips apply some cooking oil onto the gum and the area around it, leave it for 5 minutes to let it work and just like with the peanut butter pull the gum. Make sure that you don’t pull too hard on the hair.


  1. Ice cubes

Using ice cubes to remove gum is kind of old school but can work sometime. Grab yourself some ice cubes and start rubbing onto the gum. This will help the gum becomes solid and easier to remove. Once you feel that the gum is solid enough try removing the gum.

Note that you may need to shower your dog after using any of the first two methods, or you can just use a damp cloth to clean off the ingredients used.

Written by Farah Khaled
Sources: WikiHow , The Nest , Dream Dogs


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