Electric fence for puppies and dogs

electric fence for puppies and dogs

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If you happen to live in a house with a fenceless yard then this article is just for you. Many people have not yet heard about the electric fence used for dogs, yet it is very popular and debatable in other areas of the world. An electric fence is an invisible fence used to set boundaries to a specific area in order to keep your dog safe inside a confined area. The electric fence is used along with an e-collar, which send electric vibes to the dog when he/she tries to pass the invisible fence line. The debate is whether the device is humane or not and in order to decide we will present both sides of the matter.

Why some believe it’s okay to use the electric fence

  1. The static stimulation offered by the device is variable, meaning that the electric correction sent by the device has many levels and variations. This means that it will suit dogs in different shapes, sizes and temperament.
  2. It offers a beep or vibration only mood that can be used for younger dogs and in the initial phase of the training.
  3. The device offers a safety time out meaning that the device will only beep, vibrate or send a stimulus for a certain set period of time.
  4. The electric correction sent by the device will not hurt the dog as much as it will alert him/her to stay within the specified area.

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Why some believe you shouldn’t use the electric fence

  1. It is said that the correction method used by the electric fence creates aggression in the dog’s behavior.
  2. The electric fence may trap your dog outside the fence if crossed as your dog will afraid to come back in.
  3. The electric fence will only keep your dog inside but will not keep what’s outside the invisible fence to the inside.
  4. If there is a power failure, your invisible fence becomes useless during that time.
Written by Farah Khaled
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