7 ways to bond with your dog


Relationships don’t vary much in understanding and meaning. So whether you want to have a relationship with your kid, parent, friend or even pet it would require some effort. All relationships requires you to pay attention and exert effort in what makes the other person/ pet happy and in return you get their love and affection. These creatures don’t expect much but in return give you the world. To help you strengthen your relationship with your pup we have summed up 7 ways to bond with your dog.

  1. Spend time together

Being with your pup and spending time with them doing different activities will help. It is very important to spend at least an hour or two playing with your dog daily.

  1. Train your dog

Make sure that you use positive reinforcement when training your puppy. When your dog is shaped and well behaved he/she will get to have more freedom and thus will be happier.

  1. Know what your dog likes and dislikes

Just like us, there are certain thing that will make your dog mad and other things that would melt his heart. Make sure that you know his preferences.

  1. Challenge your dog and make him work

Dogs love to have meaning, it makes them very happy when they know that they have a role. So make sure that you make them work before rewarding them, whether by obedience training, or by teaching them simple chores like collecting their toys.

  1. Communication is key to having a strong bond

When you and your dog have an understanding you will find that life is easier. This will be achieved by being consistent in your training. It is also important to read and understand your dog’s body language.

  1. Always keep your cool

Like kids and most people in general, dogs hate it when you shout, even when you are not shouting at them. Take it easy on your dog and remember that by practice they can learn anything.

  1. Be the source of all life’s happiness

Your dog doesn’t expect much, so little gestures do mean the world to them. Always express your love in the form that your dog like and understands and there is no problem in pampering them every once in a while. Reward them with a cooked meal or a new toy from time to time.

Written by Farah Khaled
Sources: MNN , BuzzFeed , The Bark


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