Why dogs escape sometimes

Why dogs escape

Dogs are a big part of their owner’s life and it would be tragic if anything happened to them. Dogs can be little explorers sometimes and they may have the need to escape. This can happen due to a number of reasons that we will get into in this article. We will also be able to point out a few things that might help you and your dog by preventing your dog’s need to escape.

Reasons why dogs escape sometimes

  1. Loneliness

You may provide a spacious area for your dog to roam, but usually that’s not enough. Dogs need our attention and love. If you are a dog parent who has a daytime job, checkout this guide for the working dog parent.


  1. Boredom

If you dog has escaped before, they know that once they are out of the house they are rewarded by a great adventure ahead, where they are free to roam out and about without restrictions.


  1. Prey instinct

If your dog is one that loves to chase other smaller creatures, you need to be cautious.


  1. Separation anxiety

Separation anxiety may cause your dog to escape when they are alone. They tend to do so in belief to find their family (you). Read more on separation anxiety in dogs.


What to do to prevent your dog from escaping?

  1. If your dog is in a backyard or a garden make sure that you have a high fence that would prevent your dog from escaping.
  2. Make sure that you prevent digging too.
  3. Walk your dog daily, this will help you bond with your dog and also allows your dog release all their energy. Check out the challenges you might face while walking your dog.
  4. Supply your dog with enough toys and rawhide if you tend to leave them alone for some time.
  5. Try training your dog to be obedient, spend from 5 to 10 mins daily training your dog.


Written by Farah Khaled
Sources: The Humane Society , Cesar’s Way , Shiba Shake

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