Why dogs stare into our eyes

Why dogs stare

Human eyes can say a lot about a person, they can tell you about that person’s mood and some often get hints about that person’s personality. Dogs on the other hand have proven to communicate by nonverbal cues and this may include gestures or even glances. A dog parent thinks of dogs as their children, and often treats them with the same prospects. It is no surprise that we unintentionally eye our dogs a few times a day to communicate. What is more surprising than the fact that studies have found that dogs do too stare or gaze in their owner’s eyes for communication?

Reasons why dogs stare into our eyes

  1. Confusion

We sometimes just blur out words to our dogs and sometimes to ourselves. This simple act might lead to our dog’s confusion.


  1. Want something

Dogs love to stay on track when it comes to their routine, so if you have forgotten to let them out and play, or pee they sure will come and remind you with one of their stares.


  1. Direction

Dogs love to do chores and they wait to hear their human’s commands. So if you haven’t talked to your dog and commanded them to do something they may stare at you as if asking you what you need them to do next.


  1. Affection

If you’re enjoying yourself watching a movie and then notice that you dog is staring at you with those loving eyes, make sure that you invite them to enjoy your company with a little belly rub! It’s most likely an “I Love You” stare.

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  1. Concern

Sometimes you will find your furry friend staring you when you are a little down. This just means that they feel you and love you.

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Written by Farah Khaled
Sources: Cesar’s Way , Pet Helpful , Bark Post


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