How to break up a fight between two dogs

how to break up a fight between two dogs

Dogs sometimes get rough while playing. It is our duty to know and read how our dogs are feeling, thus we need to differentiate between two dogs playing roughly pretend fight, and two dogs actually fighting. In this article we will tell how to differentiate between both and how to safely break up a fight between two dogs when needed.

Signs dogs are playing

  1. When a dog bows in front of the other dog and slightly starts jumping, it means that the dog is initiating play, through what some might call the “play bow”. Read more on the importance of dog socialization
  2. Ears biting and wrestling with light barking
  3. Jumping while wrestling

Warning signs to look after

  1. Showing teeth and barking
  2. One dog yelping, or crying for help

How to break up a fight between the two dogs

  1. Control your feelings. Be calm and don’t shout
  2. Don’t ever attempt to stop them by placing your hand between them or standing between them. You will probably get bitten
  3. If you have a whistle, use it to distract the dogs
  4. Try spraying/splashing the dogs with water using a hose, bottle or spray bottle
  5. If there is a towel or blanket nearby throw it on them for distraction

Other tips

  • If none of the above solutions are available observe the two dogs and check which dog is more aggressive, grab him/her by the two back legs and lift them up.
  • If you have someone else with you, hold one of the dogs from his collar from the back of his neck, and let the other person do the same with the other dog until they are far apart from one another.
  • If your dog gets aggressive around other dogs, you need to muzzle him to prevent injuries to other dogs.
Written by Farah Khaled
Sources: The Dodo , Cesar’s Way , Leeburg

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