5 Ways you’re hurting your dog’s feelings

 Hurting your dog's feelings

When we come to think of what training means to dogs, we often believe that it is some sort of communication. This communication allows both us and our dogs to live along in harmony. Sometimes we, as humans, go unintentionally and send our pups mixed feelings that don’t only confuse them, but also may emotionally hurt their inner doggie feelings.

Here are 5 ways you’re hurting your dog’s feelings without knowing:


  1. Punishing the “come” command

What we initially do when we first train our dogs is reward every desired good behavior, but then we mix signals. For example your pup hates bath time. You unintentionally command your dog to come, and instead of rewarding your dog, you punish him/her by giving them a bath. To avoid this, give your dog treats to help make the bath experience for them something pleasurable to look forward to.


  1. Leash rules

This is a tricky one. We all aspire to let our dogs walk beside us in a good manner but we sometime fail to do so by our inconsistency. One day we let our dog pull us around because we just want the walk to end, while other times we take it slow and stop whenever our dog pulls. “Am I allowed to pull or not you crazy human?” Thinks pooch. So make an effort to be consistent. Read more on challenges you meet while walking your dog.


  1. Back bark

Yes, back bark I say. The dog is barking, you probably yell at him to stop. All he is hearing is barking back, so please stop! When a dog is barking all you need to do is ignore him and reward him for staying quite, otherwise your dog is learning to bark back. Read more on training your dog to bark on command.


  1. Playing is essential

Whether you like it or not, your dog will find a way to create play. So better get him out and play before he/she starts playing with something I am sure you don’t want them to play with and then punish them for it. Make it part of your daily routine to dedicate a time slot for play time with your furry friend.


  1. Growl about it

Growling is an important communication tool that dogs often send us but we happen to punish them for. Growling indicates that the dog is uncomfortable or scared, so you should act upon that and get him/her away. Remember that a dog who doesn’t growl might bite without warning.


Compiled by Farah Khaled
Sources: BarkPost , Buzz Sharer


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