Why are dogs’ noses wet and cold?

 Why are dogs’ noses wet and cold

Whether you are a dog parent or not, we are sure that you have at least once been greeted by a hug from a furry friend who stuck their face into you. To us ,dog parents, this is just too adorable. Moving on to the nose, you surely noticed that it was wet and cold. Have you ever wondered why are dogs’ noses wet and cold?

Scientists don’t have solid information on why a dog’s nose is like this, but they surely debated a few opinions. For example:

  1. Scent detection

There is a mucus layer that lies on the dog’s nose that allows the dog to better detect scents.


  1. They lick their noses. A lot!

Dogs lick their noses pretty much all the time and that’s due to the fact that it gets dirty easily.


  1. It cools them down

Dogs don’t sweat like humans. They only release heat from their mouths by panting, and through their noses by evaporation. Read also about how to detect dog’s fever without thermometer.


  1. Pick up moisture

Dogs use their noses to sniff around, so it is said that they pick up moisture from their surroundings.


  1. Cold due to wetness

It is believed that the dog’s cold nose comes form that the fact that it is always wet.

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Written by Farah Khaled
Sources: Wonderopolis , The Nest , Dog Health

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