Challenges while walking your dog

Walking your dog can either be the highlight of your day, or your worst nightmare. We all know how hard and challenging walking our dogs can be if they are not behaving well. That’s why some people look to hiring dog walkers to help them out. Dog walkers are great because they also save on time (if this is something that interests you then you can visit site here for more information). Some dogs end up pulling on the leash, barking at people or other dogs, and sometimes chasing prey or people. Although we love our dogs dearly, we can be embarrassed by their actions around other people. And because we would like you and your dog to enjoy your walk together, we have gathered some information that might help out the next time you are both walking out and about. Learn about the challenges while walking your dog.

  1. Pulling on the leash

The number one challenge that most dog owners face while walking their dogs is leash pulling. It is very important from the beginning to contain this problem because the walking speed of dogs is faster than our walking speed. How? A simple rule that you will need to follow: if the dog is pulling you, stop. If the dog is not pulling you, walk. As long as the leash is loose rather than stretched then you are good to go. I know when my friend takes her Goldendoodle for a walk I can’t stop staring at it! I Love Goldendoodles! They are so friendly and beautiful.

  1. Barking at people or other dogs

Let’s make it clear that when your dog is barking while you are walking it means that the dog is not comfortable with the surrounding, and is not feeling very confidant. So instead of taking action you need to know what is triggering the barking. Once you get to know your dog well you will know by yourself what cues on the street will make your dog bark, so before the dog starts barking shift the attention to something else. It is also very important that your dog is socialized. The more your dog is socialized and comfortable to their surroundings, the less the barking.

  1. Chasing other creatures or people

As their instinct, a dog will always want to hunt prey and it is no surprise that they sometimes want to run after cats or even cars while walking. A good trick is shift the dog’s attention to something else. Another trick would be to replace the action with another desired one. Say for example you see a car approaching and you know that your dog would want to chase it, as soon as the car approaches command your dog to sit or stay or whatever command you will use and then reward when the car passes without your dog chasing it.

Remember that your dog’s highlight of the day is that walk. Remember that dogs like to sniff around and explore so don’t make the leash too tight but also not too loose out. It is important that your dog gets to be off leash outside sometimes, whether that in a closed garden/park, or in an abundant street. Walking your dog can enhance your relationship with your dog so make sure that you are not engaged in any other activity while walking.

Written by Farah Khaled
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