Is fish healthy for dogs?

Is fish healthy for dogs

It is no secret that cats love to have fish, but when it come to our doggies we pause and question. Most of the food are known to either be good or bad but when it comes to fish for dogs we are not sure. We know that fish has so many benefits to humans; it has low calories, is delicious and very good for the body. The question here; is fish healthy for dogs? That’s what we are going to answer for you.

Fish is very high in protein, omega 3 and omega 6, which are beneficial for dogs. It is a great meal that can provide protein for your dog in very small quantities and doesn’t add the calories. It is known that an excessive use of anything is not good and this also applies for fish. It is recommended and advisable to feed your dog a maximum of 2 meals a week containing fish, but not as a main component. Fats contained in fish will help your dog’s body in absorbing fat-soluble vitamins, minerals, and other nutrients.

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Benefits of fish:

  • Can help dogs with joint problems in addition to arthritis.
  • Benefits the overall health of the dog’s coat due to fish oils.
  • A Study conducted in Cornell University concluded that high-fat diets can significantly increase the already incredible sense of smell in dogs.

Drawbacks of fish:

  • Lack carbohydrates need for canines thus cannot be the main component of a dog’s meal.
  • Raw fish can cause poisoning such as salmon poisoning disease
  • Mercury content in processed food can be very harmful
  • You need to make sure that the fish you’re feeding to your dog is bone free because it may cause cuts in the stomach and digestive tract.

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The most recommended fish for dogs are:

  • Tuna (preferably not processed)
  • Salmon (cooked)
  • Sardines ( bone free)
  • Other fish types are also OK but as mentioned make sure that you don’t give your dog more than two meals a week. The fish you feed to your dog needs to be of good quality, bone free and cooked well.

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Written by Farah Khaled
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