How to keep your dog happy and healthy

As dog parents it makes us happy to see our furry friends happy and healthy. Nothing can disturb us more than to see our babies troubled. Raising a dog is not always easy, it takes a lot of trial and error to get to the right way to teaching them simple ground rules. We try different dry food types and may mix with other fresh food just to make sure that what we are feeding is the best they can get. When a dog is healthy and happy, it is more likely that they are friendlier and more behaved.

To ensure that our furry friends are happy we have summed up a few tips that would indicate that your dog is both happy and healthy.

How to keep your dog happy and healthy

Provide a safe home/ environment

Your dog should be indoors with you. Just like us humans, dogs sometimes also need some time alone, so make sure that your dog has his/her own space in the house whether that is a room, crate or even a bed will do.


Supply clean and fresh water

Water is the cheapest and most basic need that you can offer to your dog. Make sure that you change your dog’s water at least once a day.


Provide a balanced diet

What a dog eats tells a lot about his/her health, so make sure that you are providing a high balanced meal. This can be in the form of packaged dry food or fresh food that you prepare yourself. Just make sure that you have included all important components of a balanced diet. Read the answers to the most commonly asked questions about dog nutrition.


Monitor weight

Dogs can also have many health problem related to their weight, like heart disease and skeletal problems. You need to make sure that your dog is neither overweight nor underweight.  A dog’s ribs should be slightly seen but not highly visible that you can point them out. If a dogs ribs are highly visibly then your dog is underweight.

dog weight


Exercise your dog

Just like people, exercise can make a huge difference in the dog’s health so make sure to take your dog for daily walks. A dog should exercise on average for about an hour a day, so do the math and see how many walks would suit you best. It is preferable that you take your dog at least twice a day. Read about the rules of walking your dog.


Keep your dog under control

It is essential to have your dog under control and only your control. That means that you need to teach him/him basic house rules and a few commands which should include sit, stay, and come. The more rules your dog understands and masters the more behaved he/she will act. Dogs always enjoy learning new commands and training sessions. Read about showing your dog who is boss.


Be fun and play with your dog

You should spend time with your dog on daily basis besides exercising, whether that’s by playing games, learning a command or even simply talking to them! Dogs are very social and they like to be communicated with as much as possible.


Keep them safe

Your dog should feel safe at your feet. Just provide a small space for your dog that isn’t exposed to very hot, cold, or rainy weather. If possible please also include a name tag on your dog in cases of any emergency. Learn here how to make a name tag yourself.


Regular visits to the vet

A dog’s health can worsen in no time, so make sure if you notice any change in appetite, attitude or behavior to act upon it. You need to visit a vet at least once a year to make sure everything is OK. Never skip annual vaccinations.

Written by Farah Khaled
Sources: The Doginton Post , Pam Flowers


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