Why dogs bark

Why dogs bark

Just like humans, dogs also have the need to communicate, not only with us but also with other dogs. Just as they wag their tail to show different emotions, their bark also symbolizes different things, but let us not get into this. More importantly let’s learn the most common reasons why dogs bark in the first place.

1- Barking as greeting

In many of our homes, our dog greets us while jumping and barking and we think this is cute. But in truth dogs in nature don’t greet this way, the reason why they are doing so is mostly because they feel lonely and bored. It’s always best to walk your dog out before you leave them alone. Read here about the rules of walking your dog.


2- Environment

Improper confinement, if a dog is locked up in a space that is small. Also environmental cues like other dogs barking, cars or even simple wind blowing. Read about the importance of socializing your dog.


3- Emotional need

If a dog is in distress, anxious or even overly excited there is no better way to show these emotions than barking. This can be shown through excessive, continuous barking. Read more on separation anxiety in dogs.


4- The need to play

Sometimes after long days we simply just don’t want to do anything. However our dogs need to be active and can sometimes bark because they want to play. Read here tips about leaving your dog alone for long hours.


5- Being territorial

Some dogs simply bark to mark their existence and show that they are leader. This can be barking to other dogs or to you.


Written by: Farah Khaled
Sources: Ceasar’s Way , The Telegraph , K9 Control


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