7 steps for grooming your dog at home

grooming your dog at home

We always want to keep our dog’s coat shiny and healthy. Regular grooming keeps your dog’s coat clean and healthy. A grooming professional is often very useful however grooming your dog at home has its benefits. Grooming your dog at home will not only keep it more comfortable for them, but will also save you money. Your dog will be better taken care of and you get to spend some quality time with them.

Even if you keep using a professional groomer, you will still need to groom your pet occasionally at home.

Below are 7 steps for grooming your dog at home

  1. Tools. You need to choose the appropriate tools and that depend on your dog’s coat length, type and thickness. You will need: A brush, nail trimming kit, cotton, and shampoo.
  2. Brush your dog thoroughly (before bathing) because mats become unmanageable when wet. Begin on the neck and move along the body however be careful under the belly as it is most sensitive. Read more instructions on brushing your dog here.
  3. Tangled hair. Cut out the tangled hair that can’t be brushed, this way you avoid hurting your dog by over brushing.
  4. Clear your dog’s eyes, and the areas around them. Dogs with white coats or big watery eyes need more maintenance in this area, while others just need a simple wiping. Long-haired or white-haired dogs may need special attention to make sure that all gunk is out of the coat.
  5. Clear your dog’s ears. It is perfectly normal for the ear to have wax but it shouldn’t be smell or have a dark color. Read more on cleaning your dog’s ears here.
  6. Trim your dog’s nails. This is the hardest part, thus, if necessary, let a professional handle that part. If your dog has clear nails, avoid cutting the pink part. Take extra care with dark-nailed dogs not to clip to the blood vessel. Go slowly, and only take a little bit off at a time.
  7. Bath time! You are almost done, all that is left is give your furry friend a nice warm bath they will be as clean as can be. For natural dog wash and odor treatment products, click here.

woof_300Remember!! Never bathe puppies below 4 months of age who haven’t completed their vaccinations. For young puppies, or for dogs during the winter, we recommend that you use dry shampoo. Check out a simple recipe you can make yourself here.

When your dog’s coat is well groomed, it is much easier to check what’s going on underneath the fur. Fleas and other creepy crawlers like to make their homes on our pets, and the sooner you spot them the easier they are to control.


Written by: Farah Khaled
Sources: Organic Pet Digest , Vet Street , Wiki How

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