6 things you do that your dog hates

6 things you do that your dog hates

Although our dogs are our best friends, sometimes unintentionally, we do things that annoy them. Our relationship with them is built around mutual love and understanding so let’s try and minimize what can sometimes ruin this pawesome relationship!

The following are 6 things you do that your dog hates

1- Yelling

Dogs interpret yelling as angry barking, which means trouble. They understand body language much better than verbal language so instead of yelling try leaning in and gesture with your hands.


2- Hugging

Your dog probably won’t mind hugs from you, but in most cases dogs hate hugs. They perceive hugging as a way of being dominant. Some may tolerate it but try to find another way to love your furry friends.


3- Patting face and head

Yet most of us still think that dogs like being patted on their heads, but the reality is that they are actually giving their best to put up with this behavior of ours. Gentle petting on the rear and side is fine, but patting the head – not really.


4- Going for walks without the opportunity to explore and smell

You need to know that canines practically see with their noses, and they place as much importance on their sense of smell as we humans place on our sense of vision. Make sure you understand how important it is to allow your dog to have some time to thoroughly explore their surroundings while you are out and about.

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5- Tight leash

By keeping a tight leash, you’re raising the level of stress, frustration, and excitement for your dog. Just as you don’t like your dog pulling you around, it doesn’t feel good to your dog to constantly be pulled and thus cued to be on alert.


6- Changes to routine

Dogs depend on routine. Feeding and elimination schedules, walks, playtime—your dog engraves these into their brain and expects them to happen each day without much variation. If you randomly change their dinner time, take them out later than usual, or even leave or arrive unpredictably, it can stress your dog and result in behavioral problems.

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Written by: Farah Khaled
Sources: Modern dog magazine, Mother nature network, Dog Notebook

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