How to clean your dog’s ears

How to clean your dog's ears

Although a dog’s ears need to be regularly monitored for his entire life, a little basic maintenance is generally all that’s required to keep them clean and healthy. Dogs with long, floppy ears are frequently the victims of ear infections. To avoid chronic ear infections, it’s best to make routine ear cleaning part of your dog-care schedule.

Inspect the ear

First thing you do is you need to check the ear, you need to see if there is any damage or abnormal fluid in there. If you see anything that is abnormal don’t continue on with cleaning the ear and call your vet for extra assistance.

The following also may indicate ear infections in your dog:

  • Inflammation or swelling in or around the ear canal
  • Any type of dirty-looking discharge
  • Strong, foul odor
  • Ears are sensitive to touch by your hands or the dogs
  • Scratching the ears all the time

If everything is normal and none of these occur then its safe to continue and start the actual cleaning process.


Look for foreign bodies

Your dog’s ear is the perfect hiding for mites, ticks and fleas so make sure that you check for them. If found then you need to remove gently then just rub it’s place with a cotton ball and the cleaning solution.


Start cleaning

You now have checked and the ear should now be clear of all foreign things. Start by dipping the cotton ball that you have in the cleaning solution, squeeze out the excess and gently clean the outside of the dog’s ear.

Use a different cotton ball to clean on the inside dirt and clear wax and make sure that you don’t go too deep in the ear (usually when your dog starts to slightly resist) and make sure that no fluid enters the canal itself.

Treat your dog by the end of the process to make it easier next time.


Please also be aware that brown or black ear wax—and dry, dark wax resembling coffee grounds—are classic indicators of microscopic ear mites.

Dog breeds with long ears, or dogs that swim a lot will need to have their ears cleaned once a week. Otherwise, as long as your dog’s ears look healthy, you should only need to clean them once a month.


Home remedies

  1. Mix 1/3 cup of apple cider vinegar with 2/3 cup of room temperature water, and use it as an ear cleaning solution.
  2. You can use olive oil to loosen the wax can be used to loosen wax.
Written by Farah Khaled
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