Is Peppermint good for Dogs?

Peppermint is very common in Egypt. You don’t even need a garden to grow it. Planted in small pots in a partially sunny place, you can easily have your fresh mint leaves all year around.

So how is mint good for your dog?

Peppermint can help with stomach problems. Peppermint has calming effects on your dog’s stomach and intestinal tract, which can also help to trigger appetite when a dog refuses to eat. It comes in useful to cure flatulence as well.

You can mix some mint into the food to treat your dog’s bad breath as it inhibits bacteria growth in the mouth.

As good as peppermint is, limitation in quantity is the key. Too much can have a negative impact on the liver or kidney of your dog.

Follow these guidelines for quantities to give your dog preferably mixed into the daily ratio of food.

For dogs up to 20kg of weight do not exceed 5g of mint/day. For dogs above 21kg, do not exceed a quantity of 10g.

Mint oil is a also a natural flea repellent. Mix a few drops of mint oil with water and spray it on your pet or your house to repel fleas.

Mint oil also serves as a natural pesticide, safe to use around dogs, to help with an ant infestation in the house.

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