How often should you clean your dog’s bowls?

Your dog might be doing a great job keeping the food bowl looking clean, but looking clean by far doesn’t mean it actually is clean. Bacteria and mold even if not seen with our bare eyes are sitting on that unwashed bowl. An unwashed food bowl might be a huge turn off for your dog to the extent that your dog might even refuse to eat because of that.
It is recommended to wash your dog’s food bowl after each meal with soap and hot water, if that’s not possible then do so at least once a day to keep your dog healthy and happy. It’s a slight effort that saves on later higher vet bills and sleepless hours worrying about your dog’s health.

The same goes for the water bowl. It is extremely important to provide a dog with fresh clean water at all times and to do so you will need a clean bowl.  If not washed regularly, the water bowl will allow a biofilm to form. This biofilm is a slimy layer forming in the inside of the bowl and it consists of a number of microorganisms, mainly bacteria. These bacteria again can cause many harmful infections, such as bladder, ear or even urinary tract infections.

We recommend using stainless steel or porcelain dog bowls since they are easier to clean.How often to clean Food and Water Bowls?

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