Ever wondered how Dogs drink?

We are pretty sure you have your dog’s water bowl on some sort of mat if in the house, that in particular if you have a larger breed dog. Ever wondered why there is water everywhere when a dog drinks? And how do dogs drink anyhow?

So why are dogs such sloppy drinkers? As per the American Physical Society a dog’s cheek is the reason why. Unlike us humans, dogs have incomplete cheeks, which do not allow them to create negative pressure and suck in water like we would do when drinking.

Although cats also have the same cheeks, yet cats and dogs do not drink the same way. “When we started this project, we thought that dogs drink similarly to cats,” Jung said. “But it turns out that it’s different, because dogs smash their tongues on the water surface – they make lots of splashing – but a cat never does that.”

When dogs withdraw their tongue from water, they create a significant amount of acceleration — roughly five times that of gravity — that creates the water columns, which feed up into their mouths. Dogs are smart enough to close their mouth just before the water column collapses back to the bath. To model this, Jung placed cameras under the surface of a water trough to map the total surface area of the dogs’ tongues that splashed down when drinking.

The researchers found that heavier dogs drink water with the larger wetted area of the tongue. This indicates that an allometric relationship exists between water contact area of the dog’s tongue and body weight – thus the volume of water a dog’s tongue can move increases exponentially relative to their body size.

Drinking Dog


Discovery have released a YouTube video of a dog drinking in slow motion

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