12 FAQ about Feeding your Dog

1- How Much Should I Feed My Dog?
The food package usually indicates how much you should feed your dog according to weight. Then decide to feed a bit more or less depending on your pooch’s energy levels and the exercise your dog gets. The package usually indicates quantities given to an active dog. Make sure your dog keeps a healthy weight. (click image to enlarge)
Healthy weight2- How often do I feed my dog?
Find out the right amount to feed your dog per day and divide that into 2-3 meals a day. Especially in larger dogs it is not recommended to feed only one meal a day as it’s puts the dog in higher risk of for the Bloat.

3- Should I feed my Dog Table Scraps?
Resist those begging puppy eyes. Do not give your dog table scraps. If you still can’t help doing so occasionally make sure they form less than 10% of your dog’s intake. Feeding table scraps create a picky and overweight dog. (Read about begging dogs here)

4- My Dog throws up. Is that normal?
Your dog might throw up from time to time, that’s normal. If it happens regularly consult your vet.

5- My Dog has Diarrhea!
Diarrhea in dogs has many causes. Anything from a change in dog’s diet to a serious disease or infection can cause diarrhea. Even stress and anxiety can be factors that cause diarrhea. If it happens for a short period, it’s nothing to get seriously worried about. If diarrhea continues for several days or even weeks it can lead to dehydration which can be fatal. Be sure to provide lots of fresh water and encourage your dog to drink. If your dog restrains for food, don’t force it, some vets advice to let the dog fast from food for 12-24 hours in case of diarrhea.

6- What if I need to change the Food?
There will be times where your will change the dog food. Either your dog shows symptoms of a food allergy, or it suddenly is not available in the market or you found a more economical option in the same quality category, …etc. When changing from one food to another follow these instruction (image)change food

7- My Dog has lots of Gas? What is wrong?
Any of the following can be a cause for gas:
Eating too fast
Diet change
A Gastrointestinal Disease
Food Allergies
Hard to digest food, e.g. beans
Spoiled food
Milk or milk products (except yogurt)

8- Can my Dog be allergic to things like Chicken?
Yes, even if dogs were not allergic at an earlier time, they can develop allergies at a later stage in life. Allergies cause diarrhea, vomiting, hair loss or itchy skin on parts of the body such as leg and ears. The skin will be very red and irritated. Consult your vet and closely observe reaction to food by eliminating suspicious products one by one from your dog’s diet.

9- My dog eats poop! Why?
To your dog it might just be food. It is a normal behavior but can also be an alarm indicating that your dog’s diet is lacking some needed nutrient. Talk to your vet, show him the ingredients of the food your dog is getting and check if something might be missing.

10- Can I Make My Own Dog Food?
Sure you can, yet if you feed your dog a homemade diet make sure it contains all the essential nutrients. Dogs need a healthy balance of protein, carbohydrates, and fat as well as a variety of vitamins and minerals. Talk to your vet; let him in on what you feed your dog to check which other vitamins or nutrients you might have to add.

11- Is My Dog’s Food Healthy?
Check your dog’s energy levels, his coat and skin. A shiny coat, healthy skin and good energy levels indicate that your dog is healthy. Your dog’s poop is also a strong indicator to your dog’s health. If it’s firm and brown in color, it’s most probably the right food. If not consult your vet.

12- Can I feed my Dog raw Meat?
Beware when feeding your dog raw meat. If you follow a raw meat diet, the meat has to be guaranteed fresh and properly stored. Especially in a country with temperatures as high as we have them in Egypt, the risk of salmonella, parasites or E. coli is very high.

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