To the Beach with your Dog

Beach with DogWagging tail, backseat covered and heading to the beach with your dog. Here are a few tips and what to watch out for when at the beach with your dog.

Make sure to bring enough water with you for your dog and of course a bowl. Don’t forget his favorite beach toy. Plastic bags to remove the poop and possible diarrhea, please consider that no one wants to step in your dog’s poop and that kids dig and play in the sand.

The beach is the one place where digging is always allowed and it’s so much fun and actually a good exercise for your pooch. But with digging comes the sand, and we don’t only mean all over your towel, in your beach bag and later on in your car, but in the dogs eyes, nose and ear.

Sand in Ears

Sand and other foreign bodies can cause infections in the ear. Symptoms of an ear infection are constant scratching of ears, rubbing them on the floor, regularly shaking the head or holding it lopsided. Make sure to visit a vet the soonest possible if you notice symptoms. To prevent this from happening, check your dog’s ears after a visit to ‏the beach. You can use this homemade natural ear cleaner if needed.

Mix apple cider vinegar with warm water and gently clean your dog’s ears. Read more here on cleaning your dog’s ears.

Sand in Eyes

It is very common that sand enters the dog’s eyes or remains collected in one side of the eye, if you notice sand grains in the eyes, wash the eyes with clean water (unsalted of course). If you still notice redness or weeping, consult a vet.

Sand in the Nose

Sand might enter the dog’s nose, yet by nature this will induce sneezing. It is common that a dog sneezes a couple of times, if you notice excessive sneezing and discomfort consult a vet.

Drinking salt water

It is almost impossible to keep your swimming pooch from drinking sea water. Within limits, drinking sea water does not harm your dog. However be prepared for diarrhea and/ or vomiting, therefore do not let your dog ride the car right away afterwards. It does cause the sodium levels to rise, so make sure your dog drinks a lot of fresh water.

Salt water can dry out your dog’s skin and cause irritations; salt between the toes can act as an abrasive, therefore make sure to wash your dog with tap water when back home.

Now you have a balanced and tired dog and a quiet evening.

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