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There’s nothing better than an enjoyable vacation along the Red Sea. We want to make sure both you and your pooch have a stress-free and pawesome time when in El Gouna or Hurghada, so we prepared this guide for you to help make that possible.

Here’s a Dog Parents’ Guide to El Gouna and Hurghada


Dubieland Pet Center, Dr. Rami Eissa  | Mob.: 0106 009 9011, 0122 090 0222  |  Beginning of the El Gouna Industrial Road, 50m off the West Golf roundabout. El Gouna | Facebook page

Bluemoon Animal Center Clinic  |  Mob.: 0109 939 0101  |  Address:  Moubarak 1 |  closed Mon & Sat  |  Facebook page

Smart Vet Clinic | Dr Mohamed El Taieby  |  Mob.: 0106 382 8100  |  Address: Sheraton Road, in front of Seagull Hotel, next to Metro Supermarket, Sakalla, Hurghada  | Facebook page

Dr. Sameh Shata | Tel: 065 3544009, Mob.: 0122 166 4628 | Address: Plot 95, Old Public Beach Panorama Hotel Road, Dahar, Hurghada

British Animal Clinic Hurghada | Mob.: 0100 221 8112 | Address: British Resort, El Kawther District, Hurghada  |  Facebook page

Boarding / Dog Hotels:

Dubieland Pet Center  | Mob.: 0122 090 0222 |  Beginning of the El Gouna Industrial Road, 50m off the West Golf roundabout. El Gouna | Facebook page

Bluemoon Animal Center (Animal Shelter) |  Mob.: 0100 549 0046  |  Moubarak 7, Hurghada   | Facebook page

Pets Palace Hurghada |  Mob.: 0106 025 9900  |  Mubarak 7, Villa 44A, Hurghada  |  Facebook page

Pet Supplies:

Best Way Supermarkets El Gouna  |  1. Downtown El Gouna  |  Ext.: 32181
2. Marina El Gouna  |  Ext. 77777

Dubieland Shop | Mob.: 0122 090 0222 | Inside Dubieland Pet Center  | Beginning of the El Gouna Industrial Road, 50m off the West Golf roundabout. El Gouna

1dogzone  |  Mob :(+20) 011 204 920 50  |  Address: British Resort, El Kawther District, Hurghada

Spinneys Supermarket  |  Mob.: 16005  |  Address: Senzo Mall, Safaga Road


Pet Friendly beaches:  (Don’t forget to bring along some plastic bags to clean after your dog) 

Buzzha Beach   |  El Gouna
Red Sea Zone  |  El Gouna
The Smokery Beach | El Gouna

Make sure your dog is well socialized before taking him to well visited beach. Read here about socializing your dog


woof_300Wherever you go, The Dog’s Network kindly asks you help making it a more pet friendly place by keeping it clean.

We wish you PAWESOME holidays. Send us pictures of your pooch on vacation to or as a Facebook message to enter our Hall of Fame on Facebook and Instagram.Dog Parents' Guide to El Gouna and Hurghada


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One thought on “Dog Parents’ Guide to El Gouna and Hurghada

  • Rami Gamil
    Rami Gamil

    Beware of this place don’t trust them with your dog
    Review pet’s hotel Hurghada
    Their number 0122 6647763
    Owner name Remon

    I left my dog at the owners house because the hotel was fully booked and he offered this, she came back with a wound on her nose he didn’t tell me about it when he gave her to me and I didn’t notice it at first and when I called him to ask about it he said he found it was a crust on her nose he removed it and it blead and that she came like that which isn’t true
    I am very worried about my dog because of his dishonesty and trying to cover it and can’t imagine what else happened or can happen to other dogs there
    Never trust them with your pets because of what happened with me and their dishonesty I wasn’t planning to report but I am very angry with what happened shame on this place
    And he sent me insulting me on Whatsapp and is very unprofessional, rude and un ethical

    Please share تحذير بعدم التعامل مع بيت الكلاب ده في الغردقة

    Pet’s Hotel Hurghada

    الكلبة كانت سليمة و رجعت متعورة و بتنزل دم دي صورتها بعدها بيومين
    صاحب المكان ماقالش انها حصلها حاجة غير بعد ما واجهته و انها قشرة و هو شالها فنزلت دم و ده غير صحيح ماكانش عندها حاجة
    احنا عملنا review للصفحة و هو شال كل ال reviews بطريقة غير محترفة
    بعتلي عالواتساپ يقولي اني مريض نفسي
    و مش عارف يتعامل مع الموقف باحترافية و كمان بيغلط رغم عدم الغلط الشخصي فيه
    و كمان بعتلي دلوقتي قالي انه لغي الصفحة
    ارجو عدم التعامل معاه او الثقة فيه
    و المشاركة لكي لا يتكرر نفس الموقف مع اخرين
    الراجل اسمه ريمون و ده رقمه حتي لو قفل الصفحة
    0122 6647763