Easy Ways to remove Pet Hair

As much as we love our dogs, we hate the hair that is just everywhere. On the floor, the carpets, the couch, the car and on our clothes.  After a while you start matching your clothes to the color of your dog’s hair. But, there are easier ways to remove pet hair.

On carpets or Floors

If you clean wooden or tile floors with a broom or even the vacuum cleaner, it is very likely that the hair will be flying around, which is not the result you might want to see. Use a microfiber cloth or a Swiffer-like sweeper, actually anything with that electrostatic charge.

If you are cleaning the carpets, you should loosen up the hair before cleaning or else it will dig itself deeper into the carpet. Best ways to loosen the hair are spraying a tiny bit of fabric softener diluted in water onto the carpet and then vacuum. Another effective way is to sprinkle baking soda (Bicarbonat El Sodium in Egypt) on to the carpet and then move the vacuum cleaning back and forth in straight lines. The baking soda here also works to eliminate smells. For the hair that doesn’t want to come off, you can use a very slightly dampen clean, regular kitchen sponge or sponge mop if available and wipe over the hair. This will gather up the hair and make it easy to remove.

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On upholstery

Upholstery gathers a lot of pet hair. To keep most of the hair off your upholstery, it is best to place easily washed covers on it, this will keep a lot off but not all. The best method to use here is to use the magnetic attraction force to pick up the loose hair. Use damp rubber or latex gloves and rub the surface of your upholstery. The ‘wax on – wax off’ move will help you collect that hair while strengthening your Karate abilities at the same time. The friction will help loosen up and gather the hair on to the glove. You can also use a damp squeegee (you know the one the banzina guy uses to clean your windshield) or a damp clean sponge.
You can also use fabric softer as explained in the carpet section.PetHair

On wooden Furniture

Whether it’s wooden furniture or any smooth surface such as glass, it’s best to use a very slightly damp microfiber cloth. If it’s too damp it won’t work so best just spray a tiny bit of water on the cloth then wipe.

In Car

First vacuum all the loose hair, then use rubber or latex gloves or a damp squeegee to loosen stubborn hair as explained in the upholstery section.  Use fabric softener mixed with water and spray on to the areas you are cleaning and repeat using gloves or squeegee.

On Clothes

What works best is removing the static of your clothes, which contributes greatly to picking up loose hair. If you own a dryer, then that is not hard to do, use dryer sheets or replace those with a ball made out of aluminum foil, which is placed into the dryer with the load of clothes. Best is to run the clothes through the dryer shortly before washing as well to loosen up the hair.
For those who do not have a dryer at home, try to get one of those lint rollers (found at Ikea CFC for 9,LE) especially if you are going out for a nice dinner or have a work interview to which you don’t want to go covered in pet hair.
Keep a cloth brush around to brush hair off; you can also use hair rollers or to be more specific Velcro curlers. For some fabrics it will help to just wipe over with slightly damp hands.

woof_300TIP: If some of the hair resists all cleaning attempts, use packing tape or duct tape. Place it on the area and remove immediately. When it doesn’t stick anymore use a new piece.

On your dog

Brush your dog frequently as instructed in this article to limit the hair you have to remove from around the house.

Here are some uses of vinegar around the house for dog parents

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