Holiday Danger – Dog goes missing

Every holiday season, dogs go missing in resorts. Such an incident can quickly turn your vacation into a nightmare.
When travelling with your dog to a different environment, the dog might find the new surroundings very interesting and can easily wonder off if left unsupervised. Whether you travel to a pet friendly hotel lodging or your summer house, make sure to take a longer walk around the house with your dog, let him sniff and discover the area. This will make him familiar with the area, so that he can return if he gets lost wondering around.
One of the main reasons for dogs escaping is boredom. Always keep the place the dog lives in interesting and comfortable, this decreases the chance of your dog wanting to escape. Make sure your dog has a comfortable place to retreat to and enough fresh water at all times. Give your dog enough exercise and spend time tightening the bond between you and your dog. This can happen through fun training sessions, a game of tug o war or a round of fetch. A balanced, happy dog with a strong bond to the place and owner is less likely to escape.

Still exceptions always happen and some factors are hard to controls, e.g. a dog’s sex drive. Therefore, make sure to always

  • Have a clear image of your dog on your phone or printed out with you at all times.
  • Place a tag on your dog’s collar. Many pet accessory shops (listed here) offer customized dog tags. You can also create your own easy handmade dog tag. Here are the instructions (click to enlarge)Homemade Dog Tag

If you lost your dog: 

  • Take walks around calling out for your dog, talk to neighbors, ask for houses with dogs and check in their area
  • Report losing your dog to us through this link and we will make sure to spread the word out through all our channels.
  • Talk to workers, gardeners or security and offer a reward if necessary. Do not offer huge amount if you can help it not to encourage stealing dogs in the area.

You found a lost dog?

  • You can also report a found dog to this link ( and we will help you find the owner.
  • Please look for a special marking and keep the information hereof to yourself. If the dog was wearing a collar take it off before taking a picture, the owner has to reveal markings or color to prevent someone falsely claiming the found dog.