One herbal tea, many healing abilities

Chamomile tea is one of the best natural remedies for your dog. It is an anti-inflammatory, anti-bacterial and supports the natural wound healing.
Here are uses of chamomile tea for your dog.

For an upset tummy
It helps ease your pooch’s upset tummy whether caused by colic or gas. If your dog drinks it as is then just brew one tea bag or a tablespoon of chamomile tea with one cup of water and give it cooled to your dog or mix it in his water. If your dog doesn’t like it you can mix it with your pooch’s food or even use a syringe if necessary, in that case give your dog a bit every few hours.

To reduce anxiety
Chamomile tea helps to reduce stress, calms the nerves and can help your pooch to sleep. This can come useful during travels, if your neighbors wedding fireworks get too loud or to help a dog with separation anxiety.

For skin and fur problems
Brew chamomile tea, cool it and shower your dog with it or mix it with a mild shampoo for a cure of itchy skin and a shiny coat. If you use only chamomile tea without the shampoo, you can even leave it to dry on the dog’s skin without washing off. Do not use on skin for more than 3 days in a row.

Heal minor wounds or scrapes
Use as a compress on minor wounds or scrapes on skin and even paws. It can also relieve minor skin irritations.

Do NOT use for eye infections
For a long time it was believed that, since it has soothing and disinfectant abilities, chamomile tea should be used as compresses on infected and irritated eyes. This has proven to be a misbelieve, as small particles can get into the eye and worsen the condition.chamomile