Bathing your Dog

Your dog’s skin is covered with a protective acidic layer. This layer serves as fortification against bacteria and viruses and keeps the skin hydrated. Removing this layer makes your pooch vulnerable to host microorganisms which can cause skin problems. Those skin problems can appear in the form of dry, itchy skin, a rash, irritated skin, … etc.

Not only the type of shampoo we use can be responsible for removing the protective layer but also the frequency of using shampoo to bathe your dog. Human shampoo is not suitable for dogs as their skin and hair pH is totally different from the human skin and hair pH. You can say human shampoo is too acidic for dog’s skin and fur.
This protective layer is also responsible to deter dirt and water from the skin, keeping the dog clean by nature.


How often should I bathe my dog?

Bathing usually happens so we can enjoy the dog’s companionship, if it was up to them, most of them would not want to bathe at all. Best is to limit the shampoo bathing as much as possible. Once or maximum twice per month is more than enough. In between those bathes you can also use water only just to remove the dust mainly found in big cities such as Cairo. Dry shampoos can also come in handy for in-between  for a more thorough cleaning process.

Here’s a homemade recipe for Dry Shampoo (click on image to enlarge)Dry Shampoo


How do I bathe my dog?

It is preferable to brush your dog prior to bathing; this will reduce the amount of hair blocking your sink. (Read about brushing your dog here)

Do not bathe a puppy under 4 months of age as the immunity system is not strong enough yet. When you introduce your dog to bathing, make it a happy fun action. Do not get stressed and keep calm. Make sure to show your pooch that bathing is always followed by something nice, such as a yummy treat, new toy or a game of fetch. Doing so the dog will associate bathing with good things, which will make the process much easier for you and your pooch in the future.

While bathing your dog with shampoo, be careful not to get it into your pooch’s eyes and nose. Also use a mat if the danger of slipping exists, this can cause serious injuries.

After bathing, dry your dog with a towel by rubbing the entire body. Not too strong though as this can damage the fur of some breeds.

You can use a blow dryer in winter on a very low heat level and keep it a bit further away from the coat, yet also introduce this slowly as you dog might not like the sound of that.
Bathing your dog