9 Ways Dogs improve your Health

improve-healthEspecially those of us living in big cities of Egypt already have to live with much noise, pollution and stress. Here’s how properly parenting a dog can help cope and even turn many of those negative effects around. Many studies have proven that dog parents live healthier and happier than non-dog parents. Here are a few examples of how dogs can improve our health.

  1. Lowering cholesterol levels
    Parenting a dog lowers the risks of heart diseases, there are numerous reasons for this relation as studies and researches have proven.
    Dog parents who follow the recommended exercise levels of their dog including taking regular walks are most likely to complete their by doctor’s recommended 30 minutes of daily exercise. This makes dog parents not only fitter than others but also strengthens their immunity system.
  2. Lowering blood pressure
    Having a dog share your life with you, helps you manage your blood pressure. Many researchers conducted studies about why and how dog parents have lower resting heart rates and blood pressure measures. Some of the studies’ results showed how dog parents under stress are less likely to have spikes in heart rate readings. Even just having your dog in the same room with you lowers stress, heart rate and blood pressure. Companion dogs can ease anxiety. It has been proven that among other impacts of dog companionship, the level of the stress hormone, Cortisol is lowered.
  3. Improve your mood
    Watching your dog play or just spending some time with your pooch improves your mood. And the production of serotonin, a chemical in the body influencing approximately 40 million brain cells, some of which are directly related to the mood and well being and herewith reduce stress.
  4. Reduce pain levels
    Studies proved that when a patient undergoes an operation, having their pet in the same room afterwards, reduces the levels of felt pain, hence less medication is required. Patients with chronic diseases such as rheumatoid and arthritis feel more relaxed and less in pain.
  5. Fight depression
    It has been proven that dogs prohibit and help patients get out of depression phases. A dog will always listen, greet you like you are his hero and give you unconditional love. A dog makes its parent get out of the house and keep a routine.  Having a dog forces the caregiver to go out into the open air on daily basis.  Taking care of your dog, walking, grooming, taking to a vet or playing with your pooch makes you less focused on you and your depression.
  6. Socialization
    Being out with your dog makes you socialize with other dog parents. You walk by another dog parent, dogs stop to sniff and you start talking, or you take your dog out to one of the venues to play in the city (listed here) and get to know other people sharing the same interest
  7. Stronger immunity and fewer allergiesChildren-immunity
    Studies have proven that kids growing up with a dog in the house suffer from less allergies and have a stronger immunity system.
  8. Help with Autism
    Dealing with a dog helps children with autism by working with their senses. Studies have proven that the interaction with a dog has a very calming effect on a child with autism.
  9. Help with ADHD
    Keeping a dog and working with a dog helps children with ADHD. They have to follow a schedule, take responsibility and make plans. Playing and running with a dog helps to take out some of that excess energy.

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