Why and how you should socialize your Dog

TheDogsNetwork-Socializing your dogA socialized dog is a more relaxed, friendlier, smarter and less stressed dog.

Socializing means that your dog learns dealing with people and other dogs. Your dog can then understand signals and messages conveyed through those dealings.  Dogs who socialized playfully with other dogs know how to defend themselves and build up strength and strategies.

Puppy Phase

Puppies are very curious and open to getting to know new things. Whatever your puppy realizes as positive or neutral will under normal circumstances not cause any difficulties in the future.

Socialized pups are usually more relaxed, friendlier, happier and able to handle stress better.

Throughout these experiences your puppy also learns that you are there for assistance and assessment. Your puppy learns to trust and rely on you.

Socializing with other dogs and outdoor environment best happens once the puppy had his vaccinations. Once the puppy got all the shots then it’s the earlier the better.

It’s easiest for both you and your puppy at an early stage.  The older puppies are, the more cautious they become of anything they haven’t yet encountered.

Adult Dogs

Do not underestimate the importance of continuing to socialize your dog well into adulthood. As a responsible dog owner you should keep introducing your dog to all different life situations and surroundings.
When socializing your adult dog to another dog start introducing your pooch to one dog at the time. Give both dogs time to and distance to get to know each other. When you feel both dogs are relaxed let them sniff each other briefly. Most important is that you stay relaxed and speak in a calm and pleasant voice when guiding your dog.  If you feel tension call them apart, remember to keep your voice relaxed and calm relaxed voice and repeat when relaxed.  To understand your dogs’ body language see below visual.

Doggie Signals    Dogs Space Etiquette

Credit of educational graphics goes to http://www.doggiedrawings.net/